Meeting of the Minds

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Posted on behalf of Det. Robert Stadler:

ordershield_smLast night the RBG regiments came together at the capital to figure out our next move in regards to the missing merchant ship, the USS Odyssey.  Lord Arthur Morais is a noble of the capital city thus the Crown is very interested in his safe return to the King’s court… when and if he’s found … as well as the safety of the citizens that are at the Lord’s employ that hail from various cities throughout the Kingdom.  Understanding that our efforts have been focused on finding our missing monarch, we cannot ignore the safety of our citizens.  Our King would not want that.  So we must press on to search for the Odyssey and its crew.

uss-odysseyThe USS Odyssey is a large, class A Britannian Ship that carries a crew of 14, plus its Captain, Lord Arthur Morais.  It flies the Britannia Standard for all registered, thus protected, merchant ships that operate in the Kingdom’s seas. The crew list is as follows:

» Capt. Lord Arthur Morais, Baron of Britain
» First Lt. Ralph Downer of Trinsic
» Chief Engineer Hugh Jendryng of Skara Brae
» Chief Stewart Lady Gilda Bennett of Trinsic 
» Second Mate Andrew Taylor of Britain
» Third Mate Thomas Morley of Minoc
» Able Seaman Peter Jackmann of Trinsic
» Able Seaman Arthur Howard of Skara Brae
» Sealady Susan Goode of Jhelom
» Deckman Alan Roberts of Jhelom
» Decklady Martha Cole of Britain
» Second Engineer Lewis Goode of Jhelom
» Third Engineer Morys Rede of Umbra
» Steward Oliver Obelyn of Umbra
» Chief Cook Joanna Malyns of Trinsic

corgul-pirate-bannerWe have a good lead from a small artisanal fisher boat that saw a large ship with a bunch of what looked like prisoners shackled leaving the scene of a scuttle.  They managed to change course and stay undetected and hurried home to Trinsic.  From their descriptions, the large pirate ship flew a flag that is awfully similar to the soulbound pirates that make up the crew of Corgul’s forces.  Corgul’s army is vast and strong, a very recognizable standard for most sea dwellers; one they try to avoid at all costs.  But a ship the size of the Odyssey would have issue to escape from the grasp of one of Corgul’s monster-sized pirate ships.

The fishermen went straight to the city of Britain to report what they saw, as Britain houses the headquarters for merchant trade. Lt. John Anderson took their names and statements.  The men were sent home to their home land in Trinsic and told to dry dock until further notice. Their crew list is as follows:

» Master Giles Isley, Boat Operator
» Fisher Esmour Mauntell, Net Operator
» Fisher Thomas Isley, Net Operator
» Fisher Philip Bradshawe, Keeper & Handler

It was agreed between the brothers and sisters in arms in attendance that a full crew list would be provided to all regiments, and that a search for the location of the mysterious island that Corgul calls home should start with the locals of each city.  Corgul has a reputation and I am sure many of the locals, especially those that make a living off the sea, would be able to give us clues to their whereabouts.   Meanwhile, the reward for 25,000 crowns to anyone that has information is sure to help folks be inclined to be… well… more helpful.  Meanwhile Lt. John Anderson of the RBG of Britain will ensure the families are kept informed of our progress to find their loved ones.

*sighs*  So much to do, so little time.  With this and the Xanthus issue, and now our missing King… we at the RBG have our hands full.


A Letter to the Regiments…

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Cautionary Advisement Notice

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[EM Event] Freeing the Prism of Anodunos

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The Royal Guard

The Royal Guard

Blackthorn in Anodunos Blackthorn in Anodunos

Mors Gotha Mors Gotha

gl20130226_twinprisms1The Twin Prisms

On Tuesday, February 26, Commander Gwendolyn Kincade assembled the Royal Britannian Guards at the Warriors Guild in western Britain.  “Tonight,” Kincade informed the assembled Guard, “you will have the honor of protecting the king.”  The mission, as it turned out, was to accompany Lord Blackthorn into the chilling depths of Anodunos to recover its prism.  Without further ado, the Royal Guard transitioned from the meeting hall to Lord Blackthorn’s throne room to receive the final details of the mission prior to setting out.

“I know some of you are worried about the prophecy,” Lord Blackthorn noted, refering to a prophecy learned of by the Royal Guard while aiding Geryon the Ettin.  “I believe with the warning we have, we can avoid such consequences,” Blackthorn continued, reassuring the Guard.  With Lord Blackthorn surrounded by the loyal members of the Guard, the entourage set out for Anodunos with a simple mission:  Protect the King while he cast spells to free the prism from its chilly housing.

At first it seemed the mission might go without hindrance, but Lord Blackthorn seemed wary that the Guard might get cut off from the entrance, and so continued to order patrols between the prism and the entrance.  Almost prophetic in itself, the halls were suddenly filled with various strange spider-like beasts, all under the command of Mors Gotha, who was travelling back and forth between Anodunos and a point unknown, delivering her fiendish creatures.

The battles were each won, but they were definitely victories earned with the blood and sweat of the Royal Guard as some set back into the role of healer to ensure that the fallen were quickly raised and that magical healing was readily available.  “Vas An Hur Ort,” Lord Blackthorn continued to chant as the Royal Guard continued to defend.  “Vas Rel An Hur In Por Ort,” Blackthorn stepped up his spell as Mors Gotha stepped up her attacks.

Finally, as the prism neared freedom, Mors Gotha brought forth her darkest creation yet, a massive Thunder Lightning Spider that easily matched size and ferocity with the Underworld’s own Navrey Night-Eyes.  Gotha seemed certain her arachnid pet would be the end of the Royal Guard, but it was not, and as quickly as it was felled so too did Lord Blackthorn free the prism from its icy home.

Back in Britannia, the Royal Guard recapped the evening, seeing the twin prisms that had once linked Anodunos with Britannia.  “I will place these in the vault,” Lord Blackthorn stated to the Guard.  “We will likely never see Anodunos again.  The spell that froze their world is released.  But I do not know if any survived to rebuild.  Hopefully the ghosts cursed by that place are free to move on.”



Royal Spies:
Tuesday, March 5th, 8:00 PM CST
Tuesday, March 19th, 8:00 PM CST
Tuesday, March 26th, 8:00 PM CST

Royal Britannian Guard:
Tuesday, March 12th, 8:00 PM CST

Other Events:
Spring Flowers, Saturday, March 23rd, 8:00 PM CST
Farm Boy, Saturday, March 30th, 8:00 PM CST

[EM Event] General Mors Gotha Reveals Herself!

January 29, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

Commander Gwendolen Kincade

Commander Gwendolen Kincade

Michael of Moonglow Michael of Moonglow

General Mors Gotha General Mors Gotha

Blackrock Dome

Blackrock Dome

Gwendolen Kincade, Commander of the Royal Britannian Guard, assembled the forces of the Royal Guard this evening in the Warrior’s Guild across the bridge from the West Britain Bank.  After asking for a report of anything new in the land, Commander Kincade announced some grim news.  “The eastmost guard tower [in Britain] has become enclosed by a blackrock dome!”  The dome was completely enclosed by the dome which, as Kincade noted, had suddenly appeared, though, “Luckily, nobody was inside.”  Charged to investigate it, the assembled guard traveled via gate to the nearby guard tower.

Sure enough, the guard tower in south-eastern Britain had been completely encased in a blackrock dome.  Michael of Moonglow, a frequent aid to the Crown, was present, casting divining spells to determine the source of the dome.  As he stood near the dome, Michael cast a spell, “Vas An Lor Ylem Wis.”  Whatever he may have learned, he looked worried.  Of course, one of the assembled guard, one Mr.Bubbles, could not resist attempting to cast Armageddon.  “Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym!” Bubbles cried out, but thankfully, he failed to ignite the assembled dome.  Michael of Moonglow, meanwhile, attempted to dig beneath the dome, determining that it was unlikely wise to dig under it.  Attempting to divine more, Michael switched to another spell.  “Vas An Lor Ylem Wis.”  Finally exhausted by results, Michael noted, “It reminds me of the other artifacts Blackthorn asked me to look at… That I shouldn’t talk about.  This was summoned.”  With that bit of news, Ra’Dian Fl’Gith, one of the Royal Guardsmen, stated, “I wonder if the strange woman who came through the gate last week might know anything.”  Michael followed that by adding that the dome was growing, but moving around things, like a plague beast, “So it won’t crush our buildings.  Just enclose them all.”  It was then that he suggested contacting the other blackrock expert.  “Please don’t tell me you mean that damn necromancer?” Galen of the Guard asked.

Unfortunately for the assembly, it turned out that Michael had indeed been suggesting Damion, who was in Umbra.  Damion was at first very busy, unwilling to pay much attention to the assembled guards, but when mention was made of the blackrock dome, he was immediately intersted.  As soon as Damion agreed to help though, members of the Bastion of Light assaulted the assembled team.  Though they were fairly quickly felled, Damion was stabbed during the altercation.  Damion survived, but was visibly shaken and angry that his aiding the Royal Britannian Guard nearly got him killed, but he seemed ready to help anyway, perhaps out of spite to those who had attacked him.  Returning with what few blackrock shards remained, and revealing that the mysterious woman from the previous week had been seen during the scuffle, he incanted a spell upon them.  “Kal Por Vas Wis Ylem.”

The splinters of blackrock on the ground began to tremble to an inhuman voice.  “Soon… soon… this world as with all others…” the voice spoke.  Suddenly a woman’s voice joined in with the chant.  “Vas In Jux An Lor Ylem!”  Suddenly the splinters on the ground formed themselves into a small dome.  “In Ort Tym Vas Rel Por!  In Ort Tym Vas Rel Por!” the chanting continued.  The splinters then began to swirl as if controlled by the magics of a moongate.  They then began to slither around on the ground like a snake, finally standing up and clumping into something resembling a mountain range.  The splinters then drifted to the side, forming a camp in a valley before scattering as though a wind had blown them apart.

Camp of Mors Gotha

Camp of Mors Gotha

“That wasn’t helpful,” Damion noted, “but I recognized the mountains.”  With a quick gate, the Royal Britannian Guard was off to the Serpentspine Mountains, where they quickly found the mysterious woman’s camp, and a few members of the Bastion of Light.  “An attack?” the woman called out upon sight of the Guard, “I will not allow anyone to disrupt my plans!”  Though the Bastion was again defeated, the mysterious woman was not yet done with her tricks.  “I will slay you with a creature born of my will!” she called out, and then cast, “Vas Corp Por Ort Xen!”  Suddenly an energy vortex of great proportion appeared, and though it proved a worthy challenge, so too was it felled.  “I am outnumbered,” the mysterious woman cried out, “but soon my legions will storm this world!  You will face the wrath of Mors Gotha!”

As Mors Gotha departed, a tome was found which read:  A month ago, one of the lost prisms called to us through the Void, screaming out as it was shattered.  They had been lost in time and space for so long, taken and hidden by our enemy, Hawkwind.  They were on an [sic] world that had not fallen to our shadows and demons.  I would go to be an emissary, to bring a [sic] unremarkable world into the fold.  I prepared an army to come with me when I opened the door wider.  Whoever they are, they managed to slam the gateway shut at the last moment, but not before I could slip inside.  Most of them weak, with pathetic magics, but I hav seen signs of powers.  I must bind a spell to this place to ensure our invasion plans.  The spell will grown in time, fed by the Ethereal Void, into a great blackrock dome.  Vas In Jux An Lor Ylem!  If I stay here, even with these allies, I risk my spell being undone.  I must escape back through the gateway.  For that I need a gem and another spell to unlock the door and keep it open.  I will open the door near my blackrock dome.  In Ort Tym Vas Rel Por!

Nightmare of the Eight Worlds

Nightmare of the Eight Worlds

Realizing that most of her text had come to pass, the Royal Guard rushed back to the blackrock dome, only to find Mors Gotha there casting her spell.  “In Ort Tym Vas Rel Por!”  With a sudden rush, what can only be described as a worldgate opened.  Through the shimmering gateway, many worlds could be seen, and it was clear that Mors Gotha was about to make her grand escape.  Suddenly a massive creature, a Nightmare of the Eight Worlds, apparently born of the void itself, came crashing through and began to attack the assembled guard.  The massive, shadowy beast flashed all over the place, flames licking the grounds and guards, fiery wrath exploding everywhere, and many of the Guard struggled to fell the foul beast.  A long, hard fought battle with the beast eventually resulted in victory, and the assembled Guard immediately turned its attention back to Mors Gotha.

The Worldgate

The Worldgate

“You have defeated two-bit demons and whispers on the wind,” Gotha taunted.  “You have not faced me.  I am General Mors Gotha.”  As she touched the dome, Gotha added, “I created this.  But it is evidence of my power.  Do not assume you are in the same league as me.  Soon…”  As she spoke her final words, she again touched the dome, and then entered the worldgate.  Shortly after her departure, the gate exploded in a rain of fire, closing.

With little else to do, the Royal Britannian Guard returned to report to Commander Kincade, where it was agreed the realm should be on high alert.  Kincade noted, “Michael and I will consult with the king and determine our next steps regarding the dome.”  Whatever threats Mors Gotha had made in passing back to her own realm, surely the last had not been seen of her.

The Royal Spies meet on most Tuesdays at 8:00 PM (Central) beneath the Britain Counselors Hall in West Britain (near the bridge leading to King Blackthorn’s Castle). Everyone is invited to attend these events. The next meeting of the Royal Spies will be on 5 February 2013 at 8:00 PM (Central).