[EM Event] Freeing the Prism of Anodunos

March 05, 2013 By: Phayde Category: Great Lakes News

The Royal Guard

The Royal Guard

Blackthorn in Anodunos Blackthorn in Anodunos

Mors Gotha Mors Gotha

gl20130226_twinprisms1The Twin Prisms

On Tuesday, February 26, Commander Gwendolyn Kincade assembled the Royal Britannian Guards at the Warriors Guild in western Britain.  “Tonight,” Kincade informed the assembled Guard, “you will have the honor of protecting the king.”  The mission, as it turned out, was to accompany Lord Blackthorn into the chilling depths of Anodunos to recover its prism.  Without further ado, the Royal Guard transitioned from the meeting hall to Lord Blackthorn’s throne room to receive the final details of the mission prior to setting out.

“I know some of you are worried about the prophecy,” Lord Blackthorn noted, refering to a prophecy learned of by the Royal Guard while aiding Geryon the Ettin.  “I believe with the warning we have, we can avoid such consequences,” Blackthorn continued, reassuring the Guard.  With Lord Blackthorn surrounded by the loyal members of the Guard, the entourage set out for Anodunos with a simple mission:  Protect the King while he cast spells to free the prism from its chilly housing.

At first it seemed the mission might go without hindrance, but Lord Blackthorn seemed wary that the Guard might get cut off from the entrance, and so continued to order patrols between the prism and the entrance.  Almost prophetic in itself, the halls were suddenly filled with various strange spider-like beasts, all under the command of Mors Gotha, who was travelling back and forth between Anodunos and a point unknown, delivering her fiendish creatures.

The battles were each won, but they were definitely victories earned with the blood and sweat of the Royal Guard as some set back into the role of healer to ensure that the fallen were quickly raised and that magical healing was readily available.  “Vas An Hur Ort,” Lord Blackthorn continued to chant as the Royal Guard continued to defend.  “Vas Rel An Hur In Por Ort,” Blackthorn stepped up his spell as Mors Gotha stepped up her attacks.

Finally, as the prism neared freedom, Mors Gotha brought forth her darkest creation yet, a massive Thunder Lightning Spider that easily matched size and ferocity with the Underworld’s own Navrey Night-Eyes.  Gotha seemed certain her arachnid pet would be the end of the Royal Guard, but it was not, and as quickly as it was felled so too did Lord Blackthorn free the prism from its icy home.

Back in Britannia, the Royal Guard recapped the evening, seeing the twin prisms that had once linked Anodunos with Britannia.  “I will place these in the vault,” Lord Blackthorn stated to the Guard.  “We will likely never see Anodunos again.  The spell that froze their world is released.  But I do not know if any survived to rebuild.  Hopefully the ghosts cursed by that place are free to move on.”



Royal Spies:
Tuesday, March 5th, 8:00 PM CST
Tuesday, March 19th, 8:00 PM CST
Tuesday, March 26th, 8:00 PM CST

Royal Britannian Guard:
Tuesday, March 12th, 8:00 PM CST

Other Events:
Spring Flowers, Saturday, March 23rd, 8:00 PM CST
Farm Boy, Saturday, March 30th, 8:00 PM CST