Assassin Tried in Olympus

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The trial of Xanthus Razele commenced Friday evening at Castle Olympus.

He is accused of many charges including murder,  kidnapping, and slavery.

People had gathered in small groups outside the Castle shortly before the trial..  the tone for the evening seemed solemn and people were seen talking in hushed voices.

As the bell tolled the hour everyone filed into the courtroom and were seated..

It was noted that Governor Thom, Emperor [PGoH] and Lady Piper, Empress [PGoH] had attended and were watching over the proceedings.


   As per Trinsic and Olympus law..  the accused was judged by a tribunal consisting of  

Emeritus Kodoz [PGoH],   Keeper Corrina [R+S],  and Sir Cedric [PGoH].

Much testimony was heard from Xanthus in which he claimed that,  while guilty of his crimes,  he committed them under extreme compulsion.

Testimony was heard from the accused that laid out a complicated and sometimes sordid plot by a person called Mirko, said to be from Skara Brae.

After some cross examination and testimony by the Tribunal and other esteemed citizens,   the Honored Judges retired from the chamber to discuss the case amongst themselves.

After the Tribunal returned to the courtroom, The accused had his chained loosened and was allowed to stand to hear the decision.



The judgement of the Tribunal was that should the tale laid out by Xanthus be sooth,  he would indeed,  be at least not wholly responsible  for the crimes committed.

  They ruled that at least for the time being, Xanthus was to be returned to his cell while a search for Mirko could be launched.

If, after a fortnight no progress has been made in the search, the Tribunal will reconvene to address the case.

Xanthus had no comment as he was led back to his cell.



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