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Skara Brae Refreshment Night

August 20, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

Last night the Rangers of Spiritwood set up camp in Skara Brae to help spruce up the city. There was enough food and drinks to supply a small army, shoes for the needy, and repair deeds on offer at the community center. They also set up a station at the docks to offer free repairs to any ships in need. Several of the Rangers spent the night making small repairs to the various shops around town, and entertaining the guests.





King Announces New Policy At Council Meeting

August 18, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

At the council meeting last night, the King introduced a new proposal to deal with governor’s that fail to appear for meetings. The three governors in attendance agreed that it was not unreasonable to expect attendance for at least one out of every three meetings. As a result, the King ruled that effective immediately any governor that fails to show up for three consecutive meetings will be removed from office. Replacements will be picked by the King either through audiences, or assigned to the other candidate in cities that were contested.  

Just before the meeting adjourned, Governor Thom of Trinsic discussed citizenship with the assembled council. He stated that people were confused as to the benefits of citizenship in a city. He claims most people mistakenly think that as a citizen of one city you are only subject to being dealt with by officials in your city. “We are all citizens of the same Kingdom,” said Thom. When questioned by Wild as to how he would handle a citizen of Trinsic being arrested in Britain, the governor responded that he would expect Britain to handle it as the laws should be respected by all. The King agreed with the statement and responded that “the idea behind establishing elected officials was not to create autonomous city-states.”

King’s Audience

August 15, 2014 By: Katrina Hawkins Category: Catskills News

The recent audiences with the King seemed to primarily focus on the circumstances of a young woman found in the Spiritwood forest by one of the Purple Guardians of Honor. Senator Katherine Belle Elle of the Guardians gave a detailed statement describing how she found and tried to help the woman only for two members of the nobility in Britain to arrive at that exact spot through magical means and attempt to take the woman. The Senator claimed to have stepped aside eventually for fear of doing more harm to the distressed woman then whatever the nobles had planned. The named nobles, Merida and Armand of Britain, provided statements to the King but were unfortunately not available during the audience.

When asked to speak on the matter, Corinna of the Rangers of Spiritwood brought a concern to the King about Royal Britannian Guards acting outside their jurisdiction without informing other units. She also expressed concern over the fact that Umbra and Britain share the same leadership, claiming that there was little distinction between the two cities.

The King has stated that he will arrange a time to speak to the young woman in question in order to clear up the conflicting reports on this matter. Also brought before the King was a request for a blood and healing supply drive to benefit the Guards, a possible connection between a prisoner of the Rangers and the thieves that Investigator Thorpe is investigating, and plans for the new Guard structure to include a unit made strictly of healers.

Britain Town Hall Meeting..

August 03, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

The Britain Town Hall meeting was held this weekend by Lady Pandora..Governor of Britain.

Many things were discussed… trade deals etc..  but an issue that is important to ALL the land also was discussed..

Britain really should have a jail..

As everyone knows the RBG has been actively recruiting now for some time.. both Town Regiments and the special Regiment being formed by The Crown..

Back in the day it was totally acceptable if one found a criminal on his land he could have his kids “string this miscreant up on yon tree and get back to your chores”…

Times have changed..    Now we are urged to bring said criminals up before the local “Law”…

This policy is going to require the larger towns to build jails or remodel existing buildings into holding cells..

How do the citizens feel about this? Do they want jails built in their downtown areas?  And who’s gonna pay for it?    New taxes are always looked upon with ill favor.

This is an issue I think every town is going to face sooner or later…  Britain just hit the lucky draw and has to deal with it first..

Guess the eyes of Sosaria will be watching how Britain deals with this sensitive issue..



Please welcome….

July 27, 2014 By: Lady Tia Category: Catskills News

Citizens of Catskills, please give a great big ole welcome to our newest reporter Katrina Hawkins!  The lovely Katrina has agreed to begin reporting for your shard.  Please give her a huge welcome!

If you would like to submit an event, just email the information to [email protected].  Thank you and welcome to the Stratics family Katrina!

Lady Tia, UO Community Coordinator

Slaughter at the Trinsic Net Toss!

July 14, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

Over the weekend Trinsic held a net toss in the bay just south of Olympus…

Several nets where thrown with nothing larger than a Leviathan during the first half hour or so. 

Some of the members of the brave group who had never seen a Scalis before were heard to remark about how they sure hoped to get one pop up..  older,  more experienced warriors were chuckling at the eagerness of the “uninitiated”  to meet this deadly denizen of the deep.


Finally. ..  Legendary Fisher Mi’Kaila  pulled up a net and the mighty beast appeared!

At first we had Scalis trapped between some carefully placed boats as we tried to use cannons against it along with our other fighting skills.Scalis 1a



This did not work out very well..  the monster seemed wise to this ploy and was watching closely for anyone trying to clean and reload a cannon..    it was possible to get a shot off every now and then but often at the price of the brave cannoneers life. 

Jumping from boat to boat trying to attack the beast from all sides..  the group sooned realized they weren’t gonna win using this tactic….


So after a quick mid-battle regrouping.. it was decided to get the Scalis over to the shore and fight it from land..

Scalis 2a

This tactic proved to be sound.. as it was much easier to cross heal and res each other standing on solid ground. …  


Meanwhile the word had started to spread across the land that a fierce battle was raging at Olympus.

Reinforcements started to show up and the battle quickly turned in favor of the group.



Scalis 3a


Eventually the beast was slain..  leaving many deathrobes behind it.


This was a seriously fun event and it was thrilling to see just how many Catskillians can come together when a situation warrants it..  


Thanks go out to Governor Thom and PGoH and lets do it again soon!


Vesper Auction

June 23, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

Vesper held an auction last night to raise funds for the city’s treasury.

It was held at the towns market and auction house.  The turnout was great and many

fine things were auctioned off…

The event was hosted by the Governor of Vesper, Mare Jade Spy.

Everyone had a great time and much gold was raised for the beautiful city.

Auctions are always enjoyed and we all look forward to the next one!

Vesper Auction

Aegis… Ten Years Later

June 01, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

Aegis on Catskills

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  Aegis is a glade to the southeast of the Yew Moongate. It is home to the Knights of Yew. Most of the Buildings within the Glade belong to the Knights. The Aegis Hall is the guildhall of the Knights of Yew. Knights’ Rest is a tavern and inn run by The Knights. The Aegis Gardens is a place for meditation and reflection. The Chapterhouse is a home of the Order of Saint Gideon and a place for healing, learning and worship.Aegis was founded as soon as Lord British lifted the ban on construction in Trammel. Aegis has been the front lines in Wars against the Orc’s, Drow and the hoards of Artarion.All well intentioned visitors are warmly welcomed by the Knights. On Monday nights the Knights’ host a tavern night for the well intentioned to enjoy the glade and relax. Our Open Hand Mead is often enjoyed, as is Minocian Stout and Empath Abbey Wine. (ooc: Please keep in Mind we are a role-playing guild and ask visitors to roleplay as well)

UPDATED: February 29, 2004


Update  May 2014  by Ludes, Catskills Reporter


As part of my reporter duties I decided to visit Aegis and see how this town has stood the passages of time.  I was pleased to see the town, while slightly smaller,  still stands.


It still sits in the beautiful glade south of the Yew moongate and host one of the oldest and most restful gardens in all of Britannia.

One note of interest is the name of the seahorse living in the pond.  Surprisingly familiar….


Needless to say I was very happy to see this town still alive and well. and I plan to visit it often.



Trinsic Fishing Tournament Results

May 17, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News


The Trinsic fishing tournament for May ended yesterday evening.

The fishers of the realm gathered at the Trinsic docks to hear Governor Thom

announce the winners and hand out the prizes..





First Place went to A Miss Take for her 189 stone Holy Mackeral..    Congratulations A Miss Take!

Second Place went to Ezekial for his 183 stone fish..   Excellent Catch Ezekial!

Third Place went to Cidian’s Servent with a 181 stone catch..  Nice work Cidian’s Servent!

Prizes were awarded based on weight of fish and place won…

 1st place won 946,000 gold.

2nd place won 549,000 gold.

3rd place won 362,000 gold.


For a total of 1,856,000  in prize money rewarded..

Thanks go out again to Governor Thom and the city of Trinsic for hosting this popular event!

Everyone is looking forward to next months contest!




Town Guard Inductions

May 13, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News


The Town Guard induction ceremony was held last night,  officiated by the newly re-instated Captain Kanlocke.

Several new members of the Guard were welcomed into the ranks of these stalwart defenders of Britannia.




After the ceremony,  Captain Kanlocke escorted the new recruits to Cora where a training session was held focusing on teamwork and strategy.

John Anderson led the group and  they made it to wave 32 before finally losing the Void Pool to Cora’s minions.

It is good to know that we have such hardy warriors looking out for the safety of our good citizens!