Slaughter at the Trinsic Net Toss!

July 14, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

Over the weekend Trinsic held a net toss in the bay just south of Olympus…

Several nets where thrown with nothing larger than a Leviathan during the first half hour or so. 

Some of the members of the brave group who had never seen a Scalis before were heard to remark about how they sure hoped to get one pop up..  older,  more experienced warriors were chuckling at the eagerness of the “uninitiated”  to meet this deadly denizen of the deep.


Finally. ..  Legendary Fisher Mi’Kaila  pulled up a net and the mighty beast appeared!

At first we had Scalis trapped between some carefully placed boats as we tried to use cannons against it along with our other fighting skills.Scalis 1a



This did not work out very well..  the monster seemed wise to this ploy and was watching closely for anyone trying to clean and reload a cannon..    it was possible to get a shot off every now and then but often at the price of the brave cannoneers life. 

Jumping from boat to boat trying to attack the beast from all sides..  the group sooned realized they weren’t gonna win using this tactic….


So after a quick mid-battle regrouping.. it was decided to get the Scalis over to the shore and fight it from land..

Scalis 2a

This tactic proved to be sound.. as it was much easier to cross heal and res each other standing on solid ground. …  


Meanwhile the word had started to spread across the land that a fierce battle was raging at Olympus.

Reinforcements started to show up and the battle quickly turned in favor of the group.



Scalis 3a


Eventually the beast was slain..  leaving many deathrobes behind it.


This was a seriously fun event and it was thrilling to see just how many Catskillians can come together when a situation warrants it..  


Thanks go out to Governor Thom and PGoH and lets do it again soon!


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