Britain Town Hall Meeting..

August 03, 2014 By: Ludes Stratics Category: Catskills News

The Britain Town Hall meeting was held this weekend by Lady Pandora..Governor of Britain.

Many things were discussed… trade deals etc..  but an issue that is important to ALL the land also was discussed..

Britain really should have a jail..

As everyone knows the RBG has been actively recruiting now for some time.. both Town Regiments and the special Regiment being formed by The Crown..

Back in the day it was totally acceptable if one found a criminal on his land he could have his kids “string this miscreant up on yon tree and get back to your chores”…

Times have changed..    Now we are urged to bring said criminals up before the local “Law”…

This policy is going to require the larger towns to build jails or remodel existing buildings into holding cells..

How do the citizens feel about this? Do they want jails built in their downtown areas?  And who’s gonna pay for it?    New taxes are always looked upon with ill favor.

This is an issue I think every town is going to face sooner or later…  Britain just hit the lucky draw and has to deal with it first..

Guess the eyes of Sosaria will be watching how Britain deals with this sensitive issue..



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