Ancient Treasures Day 5 (Part 2)

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At the end of the town council, King Blackthorn showed us a note.  He said he had found it under under his  chair in the old castle.  Merrick was  instructed to take it to Corain.

note from day 5

A few days later Merrick called on us to meet him.  Corain had instructed him to solve the puzzle of the note.


   Studying the symbol for a while, Merrick, began to think aloud.  ”  Well, there is a circle, with several lines drawn through it. Two of them pointing to what appears to be East, and one pointing North.”  He continued, “Corain told me the line was pointing south… but it is on the other side of the page.   Corain thought that if the line was behind the E on the opposite side, it is actually pointing North ” Richard Cranium suggested that the design could have been captured through a refection.

 “Is the image meant to be held to a mirror?” asked Lady Thalia.

“My question also” said Richard Cranium.

“I don’t think so, I believe he simply flipped the piece of paper over.” replied Merrick flipping the map over.  “It does look like it is pointing south if you do that.”   He continued, “But when I held it under a candle, it overlays the E.  It is then pointing north.”

” Perplexing,” Richard Cranium said frowning.

Looking over Merrick’s shoulder  I continued to study the map.  At last Richard Cranium suggested that possible the circle was the rising sun. “Are we supposed to understand that?” Merrick puzzled, “Hum, it could be the East, but… East of what?  We are missing some vital piece of   it… “

 “Could the double line indicate horizon, circle the sun, single line north?” suggested Richard Cranium.

Merrick rubbed his head.  “Ahem, forget about it for now.  Whitebeard wants a sample of this dust.”  Merrick shook the globe. ” I’d rather not give it to him, but we don’t have a choice. Not if we want the other 6 clues.”

” But didn’t he only steal one clue?” asked Lady Tahlia?

“He did,” Merrick replied, He did, a long time ago… a list.  The list listed seven items.  I believe the first was the magical dust we found in the vanishing garden.”Merrick sighed and mumbled “pirates again.”  “What do you say to paying him a visit.” Merrick asked.

“Aye,”  Demoss shouted. The rest of us shouted yes in agreement.  Merrick opened a gate to Buc’s Den.  We began to search the town.


“He should be in the town somewhere.” Merrick told us.”   Our search seemed to be in vain.  There was no sign of Whitebeard.  Merrick called us to the baths.  There on the ground was a little crossbones.   A man stepped out of the shadows.  “You!” glared Merrick.  ” Hello Tibbers. Where is Whitebeard?”


” Well if  t’ bloody Alchemist starboard before me eaye.” Tibbers replied. ” T’ Captain wanted t’ be here but it was not safe, so I volunteered t’ go in his place.”

 ” You  volunteer,” Merrick laughed. ” What do you mean not safe.”

“Well we be not exactly t’ only ones after this treaaye. “Tibbers whispered looking around.  Suddenly he shouted, “There be t’ scoundrels now they must have caught up t’ me!”  Turning, we saw that indeed a band of pirates were sneaking up from behind us.  Determined that no pirate would slip away we attacked.



At last the battle was won. “Now that is taken care of, where were we? Merrick asked, fingering his dagger before sliding it back in to his belt strap.
“T’ Captain says when he finds a safe place he will contact ye again and not before.” Tibbers smirked.  ” T’ Captain also asked you t’ pass on what you found in Occllo.”

With an annoyed smile, Merrick growled, “Leave it to pirates to be twice as dodgy than a thief. You can tell your captain, he will get that when I see him. Not before.”

First Mate Tibbers shrugged,” I will pass it on t’ t’ Captain.” Tibbers turn and sauntered away.

So…Anyone have any suggestions?” Merrick asked in frustration.

“Any clues on the corpses of the brigands attacking us?” Lady Thalia asked. “They were obviously looking for him also.”

Shaking his head, Merrick said  “That was about as much of a clue as we had to what is going on… That and this note that makes no sense.” He began to finger his dagger again. “Whitebeard is hiding somewhere, probably on a ship at sea.”

” he will need supplies,” Demoss suggested.

“Hum that is true.” Merrick thought a minute, We could wait. He has to dock some where.”    Suddenly he stopped. ” Wait a minute…Where did Corian say Blackthorn found the note?

” Under his chair.”  Richard Cranium said.

“In the old castle,” Lady Thalia added.

“Maybe we’re just missing part of the clues.” Merrick said.

“Read the note again.” suggested Zeke Terra.  Looking at the note again, Merrick pondered.  “So… it’s a circle pointing North one and East with two lines.
” Let’s try the castle…” and  Merrick opened a gate.

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