Updated October Calendar(EM/Player Events

October 15, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

lake austin shard

Updated Calendar for October(EM and Player Events

*Important note, Stractis has changed it’s web site, new address is:


Oct. 21st: 2nd part of Halloween – New Doom Event ends December 1, 2014 after server up. Trick or treat ends server up on November 19, 2014.

Oct. 25th: Haunted Hunt: Doom guantlet, Griz peerless, and naked undead dungeon runs. Time: 3:00pm CDT Meeting at WBB

Oct. 25th: Town Council Meeting: 6:00 pm CDT (7:00pm EST) Meeting at Castle Blackthorn

Oct. 25th: EM Event: Suspicion:Time: Time: 8:00pm CDT (9:00pm EST) Meeting at Britain Hall (gate at Luna)

Oct. 26th: Haunted Hunt: Doom guantlet, Griz peerless, and naked undead dungeon runs. Time: 3:00pm CDT Meeting WBB

Oct. 31st: EM Event: Trapping the Fencer – Time: 8:00pm CDT (9:00 EST) Gate at Luna, meet Captain Corian on the other side.

Nov 1st: Halloween Party: Time: 2:00 pm CDT (1:00pm EST) Meeting at UMP Town’s Haunted Inn

Nov. 1st: EM Event -Happenings -Time : 8:00pm CST (9:00pm EST) Meet Dahlia in Britain Hall.(gate from Luna)

If you have an event to add, just let me know.

[ EM Announcement ] Events for February

February 04, 2013 By: Dayton Category: Catskills News

The following was posted on Stratics Catskills EM Forum  and on EM Barnaby’s Website


by Barnaby


Wednesday, February 13, 9:30pm – Investigator Promotion Ceremony


Saturday, February 16th, 8:30pm – TBD


Sunday, February 17th, 6pm – Catskills Archery League Championship


Sunday, February 24th – “Orcs vs. Savages”


Details for each event will be provided soon.


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[EM News] Thoughts on Upcoming Events

December 12, 2012 By: Adrianas Category: Siege Perilous News

From the Siege EM board:

Hi everyone!

I’ve been reading on Siege forums about  your requests for events and want to assure you more are coming!

When I came aboard Siege last February, I wanted to take the time and get to know your community and for you all to get to know me. Siege is not an easy shard but that has always been the lure for me. It’s challenging no matter what event or storyline you come up with to factor in a 24/7 Felucca ruleset.  (If you could have seen my smiles and nods during the Siege Olympics where at least a 10 minute break was required between events for everyone to gather their belongings *smiles*)

I believe in being up front and honest with discussion, especially after Siege had a bit of a turnover with EMs. After all, this is the 13th seat, the perilous one.  :)

As far as holiday decorations go for Siege banks and areas, I was able to put some up at the Reward Hall and the Counselor’s Hall in Britain, but I’m subject to the same gift boxes each year as everyone. That will change over time or special requests to be made in advance. I’ll keep that in mind for you.

The Community Garden was a way to have an ongoing ‘event’ that mattered with everyone able to put their stamp on Siege in a personal way. The other events were more in line with the story arc and we’ll see a continuation of that in the coming months.
The Aurora’s Pit has been tested from some key pvp’rs to help me make sure it actually works. Mesanna put in a rez ankh and changed the exit locations last month for us.  January will see some fun pit events.  Alrdic and Cora are always ready for adventure too, both in their own RP ways so look for their updates to follow in 2013.

The end of the year is always a good time to reflect and question what’s next.  I welcome those questions as well as suggestions for what works on your shard because it is, overall, your history. I’m just here to enhance it. I look forward to the coming year and know 2013 will bring more adventures for us all.  :)

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EM Hall of Commons Meeting Report

April 29, 2012 By: Lord Gareth Category: Ethereal Void Imperium

 EM Hall of Commons Meeting Report – April 22, 2012 by Merik/Gareth – Hall of Commons, Britain City in Britain *Imperium News Service*



Upcoming Events

No Upcoming Events for April


General Announcements

EM Drosselmeyer Turns Three- (Here’s to another 3 years of his Insanity *drinks*)
Dross you are close to 3 years with the program and for all the time you have given Chessy and all you have done for UO I now don you with a black robe.

We’ll Cross That Bridge… (Event Postponed)
The event that was going to be held tomorrow night “We’ll cross that bridge” will be held at a later date in May. Unfortunately there were some unforeseen technical difficulties And Dross ate the cookies that were supposed to be for the builders, so we are having to move the event. Fear not though! For we shall Cross That Bridge….when it comes!

EM Events List- (May Calendar)
Our full event Calendar for the Month of May will be posted this week Also to better help people catch up with the ongoing story arc we will do as we did with the Poseidon’s Fury event And give a “story so far” post on the EM Forums. Hopefully this will allow people to better keep track of what’s going on. We, as in all the EMs, are heavily vested in the arc itself And are really excited to see the next chapters come to life. Now is the time when things should really start getting interesting. So if you’ve been following along the whole time, you’re in for a treat.

Cleanup and Catalog- (XY&Z= 3.14)
During May we have a month long event Cleanup and Catalog. We’ve done lots of events here on Chesapeake, and I know that many of you enjoy parts that are left over as things you can revisit and review. However, there’s also lots of useless things, for instance, all the deeds with chat channel information on them. So for spring cleaning, we’re giving you all the opportunity to help And the top three catalogers with the most event detritus found will be rewarded. If you find any of these (and not in Ilshenar) please mark runes for us. If you use the enhanced client, UOAssist, or one of the approved mapping software you can forego runes and just append XYZ coordinates to your list along with what facet.

Outside of that, we’ll also be trying something new. I’d like to clarify that we’re not going on a sweep and destroy mission here, that’s why the catalog portion is in the title. If players wish to write a short bit about what took place we can definitely look into having them at the sites. And as I mentioned in the brief explanation the main thing we are looking to do is reduce clutter and excess that may lead people…off their proper paths.