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By Dreadlord Lestat


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The paper doll is used to dress your character and also used to control some options that are not located on the quick menu. To remove your characters equiptment, you left click on the item, hold the left button down and drag that piece into your inventory or another container and let go of the mouse button. To put on a piece of equiptment, you left click the item, hold the left button down, and drag that piece onto your paper doll. The boxes on the left ar for some of the smaller items that are harder to grab off of the paper doll such as earings, rings, and bracelets.

Racial Traits – Can be found by double clicking on the book at the left of your paper doll. Once double clicked, it will open up and show you the different racial abilities that your character has. All the traits are passive traits meaning that they are always on. More information on the different Races can be found here: Elves | Gargoyles | Humans

Profile – You can see your profile by double clicking the middle rolled parchment at the bottom left of the paper doll. In the profile you will see your character’s name and your account’s age. You can eneter in anything that you want others to be able to read. Remember that the EULA also applies to your profile. If you enter in anything that goes against the EULA, the Game Masters can take action against your account. To see another players profile, double click thier character in game to open their paper doll. At the lower left side of their paper doll, you will see only 1 rolled parchment. Double click that to read their profile.

Party – You will find this by double clicking the rolled parchment on the right at the lower left side of your paper doll. This allows you to add people to a party so that you can perform group actions like fighting monsters or other players a little easier. You can talk in party where others who are not in your party cannot see what you are saying. You can view your party members full player bar and see not only thier health but also their stamina and mana. You use this function to add up to 10 party members (including yourself), disband the party, and set it so that your party can loot you in case you die. This is only advisable to set with very close friends that you can trust. Game Masters will not get your items back if you are looted by a party member as it is your choice whether you allow them to loot you or not. The party is not allowed to loot you by default when you join a party. You have to manually set it to allow them to loot you. You can find more information on the party system here: The Party System

Special Moves – Each character has special moves that are based off of your skills and what weapon you are carrying. Each character has a primary and sedondary special move. You can find out what special moves are available to you by double clicking the purple book located on the lower right side of your paper doll. You can find more information on specials by going here: Special Moves

Options – The options menu allows you to change different options in game. There are tabs for Sound & Music, Pop-Up Help, Chat, Macro Options, Interface, Display, Reputation System, Micellaneous and Filter Options. You can find information by going to The Options Menu

Log Out – This option allows you to log out of the game. When you click out you, you get a pop-up that asks if you want to log out with 2 options. You can click Yes or Cancel. Make sure that you are logged out in a safe location like an Inn or a house that you are own or are friended to. If you log out anywhere else, your character stays in game for 2 minutes and can be attacked and killed.

Quests – The quests menu allows you to view the quests that you have. You click on the white arrow next to the quest that you want to see. It then allows you to read the quest again or drop the quest. You can find more information on quests by going to Questing

Skills – The skills menu allows you to adjust your skills. Accounts have 700-720 total skill points. A new account starts out with 700 total skill points, Each year the account is open, an extra 5 skill points is awarded so 1 year is 705, two years is 710, 3 years is 715, and 4 years is 720 total skill points. Double click the arrow on the right of each skill. It will change the direction of the arrow. An arrow pointing up means that your skill is set to gain, and arrow pointing down means that your skill is set to lower, and a skill with a lock next to it means that the skill is locked and cannot increase or decrease. You can change any skill at any time. You can find more information on quests by going to Skills, General and Stats

Guild – The guild tab allows you to access your guild functions. By default, each character is det to decline all guild invites. If you wish to join a guild, you need to uncheck this option. Once in a guild, you can access the guild tab and see who your guild is allied with, who is in your guild, resign from your guild or invite people to your guild. You can use the guild tab to creat your own guild, the cost is 25,000 gold. You can find more information on guilds by going to Guilds

Peace – The peace tab allows you to go into war mode. Once you click on Peace, it will change to red and say War. Your cursor will change to red and when you double click on a monster or player you will start attacking them. You will automatically go into war mode when you cast a harmful spell on a monster or player.

Status – The basic status tab shows your health, mana, and stamina. Blue is amount you have left, red is amount that you have lost or used. You can double click the basic status bar to get a more advanced status bar, The advanced one shows number totals. The advanced status bar also shows your stat total, luck, weight, damage output, gold on you, followers, hit chance increase, defense chance increase, lower reagent cost, lower mana cost,  swing speed increase, spell damage increase, faster casting, faster cast recovery and resists.


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