Ancient Treasure Day 1

June 07, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

Day 1

Merrick called me to meet him at the Vesper Docks.  There he told of strange purple robes with riddles.  These had been found in the different towns. Some made no sense, others hinted of an ancient treasure.

robe clue 1

The clues lead to a healer in Skara Brae.  She would not give any information about the treasure without the pass word.  She hinted that I should seek the rabbits in Ilshenar. Checking the different virtue gates, I found a trail of rabbits down from the Humility gate.  Following the trail, I noticed that some rabbits had letters.  These could be the password.


rabbit 1


At last I came to another group of purple cloak robes.  Unfortunately  in the rat ruins, I died.  Not to be stopped my ghost continued to record the clues.

clue a day 1

day 1 b


Hum could the answer be in New Haven.  There were more robes but the clues seemed to lead to no where.  I was beginning to feel as if I was going in circles.  On the off chance the Skara Brae healer had more information, I looked at the letters from the rabbits.  “SSAH” I told the healer.  She looked blankly at me.  I looked again, ah-ha the letters were mixed up.  Unscrambling the letters, I found the word sash. I told her the word sash.  “Ah “,  she said, there is an ancient treasure that many seek.  Hurry as only two men still hunt for the treasure.  I hurried back to Merrick where I told him what I learned.  Deep in thought, he mumbled to himself, “there is a treasure, but who are the two men?”

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