Perilous Inquirer – 49th Issue

June 06, 2014 By: DeadBob Stratics Category: Siege Perilous News

The Perilous Inquirer
Vol 1, 49th Issue
June 6, 2014

The Perilous Inquirer will cease publication after the forthcoming 52nd issue. It’s been a year of fun. So many others have contributed that I cannot name them all here but readers and supporters know who they are. Please accept my heartfelt thanks, all of you. Some readers, probably those less literate or completely unhinged, actually collect all issues. Back copies will continue to be placed for a while on the vendor, Siege Droppings.
Priorities change. I have finished my novel, The Phoenix Diary, and am currently self-editing the final draft. So I’ll be spending July onward promoting it to publishers. Wish me luck :) It’s not deathless prose; but a light Sci-Fi adventure about 3 teens and their quest to restore civilization in the world of 2100. You can get an idea of it at Oh, and the illustrator, Rachel Cowan, is a player I met on UO.

The 3rd Barter Town Casino Night is this Sunday June 8th 8:00-9:00pm EST
Read all about it here:
Pictures included for those who um, need them.

By Dr. BN’dere-Dundat
StUdLy writes: “I got a great bod! Flowing blond hair, rakish mustache. Big sword and I’m naked!! My title is “Ready” -yet girls don’t talk to me much. What else do I need?”
Dr. Ruth: “A life?”
Wyllng writes: “Please help me *sob* Dr. Ruth. I meet so many wonderful guys here and they always say such nice things to me and fill me with their joy and then I fall in love with them and give them my heart and then *uncontrollable sob* I find out all they wanted wasn’t my heart at all but….”
Dr. Ruth: “Thanks, Willng. I understand. Be comforted that this never happens to you in the real world, does it, my dear?”

Stoned guy still waiting for stop sign to turn green.

Gemini May 21 – Jun 21
Enlightenment and confusion will be yours this week, when a tree falls in the woods only to make the sound of one hand clapping.

To receive a prize, be the first to go to the Trivia Monk on our steps & say the word that answers this question:
“What spell did UO ban after it was used to bombard people inside their homes?”

Ring in the Summer at the classy Bellaire Museum Shop, just SE of the TerMur moongate, within GuardZone.
Always stocked with unique items you won’t find elsewhere. Walk to the roof and enjoy a safe and pleasant shopping trip.
Holden Caulfield, Proprietor.

In the last issue we may have incorrectly reported that the new guild from Atlanta is named Exported Exulted Exiles Klub (EEEK). The correct name is Exported Exulted Exiles (~**~). Or maybe they just changed their name to embarrass us. We report, you decide.

The Perilous Inquirer
Vol. 1, 49th Issue
3rd house on left out the Luna south gate.
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~sine die~

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