Towns prepare ~ Citizens beware … News from New Magincia!

January 18, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

It was restock the Magincia vendor day so after gathering up the needed supplies I headed to Magincia and while there the town folks were all murmuring something about Dilfred Dumphry’s article appearing on the Sonoma EM Events website. Of course I went there and found the following information ….


News from New Magincia!
January 17

News from New Magincia!  By Dilfred Dumphry

Greetings citizens of New Magincia! I, Difred Dumphry have taken on the awe inspiring task of reporting the going on’s of everyone who lives on this wonderful island of Magincia!

First off! During the past few weeks, Lord Roberts has been seen courting Lady Windal, Lady Flesk, and one of the baker’s daughters.  Which is causing quite a scandal for the young Lord’s esteemed parents who not surprisingly, declined to comment.  The Baker however laughed and stated that his daughter was very good at making dough rise.  Moving along!

Next up is the warehouse across from the bank!  A good many of us have tried, err…  *know* of someone who has tried to pick the locks on the warehouse doors but to no avail. (Entertaining the bank tellers greatly in the process.)  However, the Lords and Ladies seem to know something us common folk don’t since they have seen fit to double the guard.  Which brings us nicely to our final bit of news.

The Nobles of New Magincia “have put aside their differences to work together during these troubled times.” They wish to “assure one and all that the rumors of supplies not getting through are false!”  Good to know.  Good to know.

That concludes my report good citizens!  Farewell for now!

Good thing I remembered to bring my trusty pack llama filled with supplies needed for the vendor!! What in the UO world is going on with all these rumors?

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