Towns prepare ~ Citizens beware … Goods Missing from Warehouse!

January 18, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

As usual for a Monday morning I headed to Jhelom to make my purchases from the local bakery when a strange sound startled my thoughts. It sounded like someone had shot an arrow and it was heading in the same direction I was going. Quickly I ducked against the wall and ‘THUNK’ the arrow hit right above my head! Attached to the arrow was the following notice from Sonoma EM Events site …


Goods Missing from Warehouse!

From the Jhelom Times
January 16

Yesterday it was discovered that luxury goods were missing from both Jhelom warehouses.  It is unknown when these goods were removed.  A thorough investigation is being made.  However, according to one of the guards, some visitors to our fine city may be suspect.

The Noble families of Jhelom would like to reassure its citizens that they are doing everything possible to keep Jhelom the safe prosperous city it has always been. To ensure this, guards will be posted day and night at both warehouses and visitors to our fine city will be asked to sign in a book when entering the city.

To help pay for this extra security a small tax will be placed on the Performing Arts Center’s performances.  Also funds that were set aside for the Jhelom Library will be used instead to pay for the added security.

I removed the arrow and paper then headed home to dispatch this important message to all the citizens of Sonoma. Be on guard and watch out for any strange happenings around the towns!

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