Towns prepare ~ Citizens beware … Moonglow Blockade Now Complete!

January 18, 2012 By: Queen Mum Category: Sonoma News

Being so proud to have finally filled enough tailoring BODS it was time to turn then in and receive not just monetary or material rewards but to gain some fame for doing them. So, I headed to the Moonglow Tailor shop by way of my seaworthy vessel. As I approached the dock I noticed something very different and a crow swooped overhead squawking about news from the Sonoma EM Events site … I turned in my BODS and headed to the local tavern for a cold brew while taking the time to read the following …

Moonglow Blockade Now Complete!
January 18

With pirates and marauders at an all time high on the ocean trade routes, the Noble families have taken steps to ensure the safety of the Moonglow citizens as well as those traveling by ship to and from our fair city. Between the docks and the open ocean a blockade has been built. This blockade is currently open and will remain that way unless outside events dictate otherwise.

The blockade took a lot of time, effort and gold to complete, so a big thank you goes out to our wonderful Noble families of Moonglow!

Three towns in three days have made themselves prepared for something unknown and have taken the time to make the rest of us aware of what they are doing. I wonder why and what tomorrow might bring! I for one will certainly watch the Sonoma EM events news to learn what is going on and if we will be called into action …. in the meantime, be safe out there while traveling the towns.

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