The Epic Conclusion of the Saga of Poseidon’s Fury!

October 23, 2011 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

 The Epic Conclusion of the Saga of Poseidons Fury

    The saga that is Poseidons Fury reached it’s epic climax this past week as the nearly 3 year long quest was completed as players journied to never before seen surroundings and braved cavernous underwater danger en route to obtaining the artifact and defeating the monstrous Poseidons Fury himself! The road was long and the perils many during this lasting quest here on Chesapeake as such a broad and encompassing adventure had yet to be experienced by the citizens herein.
    Lord Balandars resisdence was filled to capacity as he began the effort by updating those therein of the nights mission. After briefing the assembled forces, a portal was then opened as we traveled to sights unseen battling ferocious sea beasts at seemingly every turn. Mass casualties were suffered throughout as the force slowly worked it’s way to find the towering altar to which Poseidon’s Fury rested. Battle tested and ready to deliver the final blow, Lord Balandar and his troops valiently slayed the beast and claimed the Poseidons Fury artifact from it’s now broken tomb from which it was hidden all this time. Thanking those who helped in the entire series as well as this nights adventure, players received a tremendous reward for thier most dedicated efforts.
    Enjoy the picture slideshow here as well as the Sosaria Reels video of this epic adventure here!  Thanks to our EM”s Dudley and Drosselmeyer for a grand Saga!

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