[News] Under Siege!

October 24, 2011 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

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Under Siege!

For several days the town of Drachental is under attack by Dark Angels Army.
Every day more and stronger daemons appear around the town.

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I have no idea how long we can deal with them.
I just have a feeling that she is testing the towns defenses.
Every evening it seems quiet at first, too quiet to be honest.
I see a gargoyle flying by the tower and i expect thats Jigsaw.
Jigsaw seems to scout the town first.
Then in a distance i hear Dark Angel herself giving the command to attack.
When i see the first daemons appear i sound the alarm for the towns defenders to come.

Yesterday i ran trough hordes of daemons first to get together with the towns defenders.
Together we are stronger to defeat them.

Last night the biggest attack was around the towns banner.
Several dozen of daemons appeared around the banner.
We did what we could to fight them all off.

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Then when we thought it was all over one of Dark Angels Generals appeared.

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The general was strong and it took us a while to take him down.
This general was a gargoyle and not a daemon, so it seems that Dark Angel found herself some more allies to help her with this attack.

After we took the general down i tried to see if Dark Angel would show herself to us.
I know she is watching.
But our message to her is clear.
We will not give up!

One of the defenders stayed with the banner when i suggested to run trough the town again to see its secured.
Just in case something returns when we left
We found a few scattered daemons here and there in the town and dealt with them.

When everything was quiet i thanked the people who helped me defend the town.

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It was time to go home and rest for all of us.
We have to stay alert, Dark Angel will attack us again.

My old bones are getting tired of these constant fight against these daemons.
But how can i tell my friends and allies that these fights are wearing me down knowing that i brought this enemy on them.
The danger they are in now is my fault.
I thought i had her under control.
I should had stopped her years ago when i still could.
Maybe now she is too powerful to be stopped.

I felt a sleep after watching over the town for hours.

When i woke up this morning everything seemed to be quiet.
I made my patrol on the town.
But when i reached the banner i was shocked from what i saw!

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The Banner is burning!
And there is blood,bones and body parts are every where.
There must have been another attack during the night.
It looks like some innocent people been slaughtered around the towns banner.
I even saw teeth marks in some of the bones.
Dark Angel and her army are eating from the humans, its only going to make there blood lust bigger.

We have to stop her but i think the towns defender won’t be enough to stop her.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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