[Player Event] – Octoberfest (hosted by the A Sosarian Empire Alliance)

October 24, 2011 By: Kylie Kinslayer Category: Atlantic News

A figure dressed in green, blending into the colors that surround it, made its way to the center of Yew. Standing by the portal leading to the Elven city, one that was not there in ages passed, pulled the hood of her cloak back revealing the features of a human female. Tall and slender she was, with a shape and presence that would and does catch the attention of many.

She knew of the days when this town was bustling with activity, for she was young then and so very wide eyed taking it all in. The majority of her days spent never really knowing if the choices she made were the right ones in those special times, she smiled almost to herself. She recalled learning two important and special things about these lands of Sosaria: we would never grow old, and never truly die.

Focusing on those days her eyes closed slowly as the sights and sounds came washing over her… Men in green armor running to and fro, welcoming new citizens to their lands, or guarding it with their lives. Many a time forcing the Stormreaver Orc hordes back to their fort south of Yew, or other times fighting off a more sinister foe, men that had gone red from the spilling of so much blood. She closed her eyes tighter as she drifted even further back in time, a time when she met great new friends, and lovers, having wonderful adventures around the forests of Yew, or even more risky times in the carernous dungeons of Wrong. Suddenly her nose took in a scent, a distinct smell causing her to remember the winerys of Yew, where often she would drink with fellow adventureres, or even foes.

Her hand went to her cheek as her eyes open, wiping away at the tears. She so hated that about these lands and thought to herself why do these wonderful vibrant memories have to bring about such a torrent of emotions always seemingly ending in grief? Her eyes caught a piece of paper nailed to a tree, was it a bounty for a murderer?? No, of course not, those days had long since passed when you could bring a murderer’s head back to town and collect a tidy sum slaying him for his crimes.

She further cleared her eyes, what was this? She began to read:


On the last Thursday & Friday of the month of October (the 27th & 28th) the A Sosarian Empire Alliance will be hosting an event located at the center of Yew (Trammel). Enjoy new adventures… meet with old friends and acquaintances, and make new ones as we have planned two evenings with a focus on enjoyment and fond memories.

Join us on Thursday at 730 pm eastern time to enter into the Halloween Costume contest (hosted by Clan Moor) followed by the Box Stacking Event relying on your wits to be the first to finish (rules provided at event sight / hosted by the Vampiric Order) and the last event of the evening the Boozefest – you just have to be there to believe and enjoy this riddlefest of booze and questions (hosted by the A Sosariian Alliance Event Master Corinthian (YEW).

And on Friday test your skills firing small, sharp wooden sticks at targets in the Archery contest at 8pm eastern (hosted by YEW), followed by the Amazing Yew Race race against time (hosted by TWT & H*W) and top it all off with a Halloween Dinner (hosted by the Serpents Cross Tavern and their renowned catering crew.

Hope to see you all there.

(This event and gathering is NOT an RP event in the traditional sense, providing only light rp with a brief foundation of the announcement of it)

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