Tales My Tillerman Told Me

March 27, 2012 By: El of LA Category: Community News, Lake Austin News

Ever feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut as far as your “play profile” goes?

Filling in knowledge gaps

Maybe I’m alone in this, but after getting launched and comfortable in UO for a year or two I, personally, found myself totally engulfed in running a newbie player center with its events and working with the group that gathered around that – then reporting came along and BANG… no more time to experiment! I had some never-maxed-out characters that were functional but no time to find perfection and some fun activities that kept me so busy that taking the time to even do daily logins for the characters was just too much. This time back I have promised myself not to get stuck in a rut again and to give some serious attention to trying everything at least once! I hope you all realize that given the depth and breadth of this game this can take a while!

Filling in the gaps

In that vein, I am, for lack of anything more creative to report at the moment, going to give you tales of my bumbling adventures quietly being taken around the world of Sosaria in the dead of night when the people online with me tend not to speak English and sadly I don’t speak their language either! My Tillerman, whom I have named Robert, is the man in charge on a large dragon ship named “The Waverunner,” which is nicely sized so as not to get scuttled by every passing sea serpent, but small enough to not be too very dramatic or pompous as it sails into ports. Robert has been hinting to me of some very tall tales of places and venues around the world that I have yet to see and emphasizes how very much I seem to have missed over the years by not following the lines of his stories before! So here I go, off to show my ignorance of UO and maybe share some very tall tales that my tillerman tantalizes me with.

While I start my storyline, I would love it if all of you would share with me your own adventures and “Tillerman Tales” that we can all follow up on and explore as well. Feel free to write up your adventures and submit/post them, or simply give me hints as to places and adventures I need to take for my own enlightenment! Thanks for your participation in advance!

El of LA

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