Strange Pumpkins Unleash Fury On Legends

October 25, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

There was a rather massive gathering of folks at the Jhelom pub last night.  Those who came had hoped to discuss some of the sightings of strange pumpkins that had been reported throughout the lands.  The discussion soon turned into an investigation and the investigation led to a rather shocking surprise!

Armondo Pascal led the crowd from the pub to the small island of Jhelom Farms where he pointed out some rather mysterious black pumpkins that were spread near the southern and western shores.  It wasn’t long before the crowd began to roam the small island, an island that was recently attacked by pirates, in search for some more clues.  Without warning a familiar but still rather mysterious figure appeared…the evil mage Lord Mordraith.  Before the crowd could comprehend the threat Mordraith presented he cast a Bal Thran scale into the water and the madness began.

An instantanious reaction had the small island crawling with pirate zombies, ghosts and skeletons of incredible strength.  One can only assume that these monsters were the fallen pirates who had been slain in their attempted invasion weeks before.  Just as the protectors seemed to be turning the tides on the invaders another wave would arise.  As the battle continued some monsters had alienated themselves by a showing of superior strength in both damage taken and damage unleashed with their vicious attacks.  These monsters were the  Enraged Pirate Zombies.

The defenders then began to organise their efforts and with a massive push of force they were able to drop several of the Enraged Zombie Pirates.  As the invaders were slain the mysterious pumpkins began to disappear and it was reported that one of the pumpkins unleashed a massive cloud shortly after one of the Pirates was destroyed. 

The battle continued and several hours past as the night gave way to the early morning.  Finally the invaders numbers began to dwindle and the Island seemed to be safe once again although one black pumpkin still lingered.  Some time passed and the island remained quite but the lingering black pumpkin was under intense observation.  Without warning the undead attacked again.  This time a well organized defense swept through the island and the undead, along with the sole remaining black pumpkin, were vanquished from the island and peace was secured.  Rumours of loot found on the Pirate corpses began to circulate shortly after the final battle.  I was lucky enough to observe a few of the spoils that were gathered in by the victors as they proudly displayed their treasures.

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