[EM Fiction] A Chill in the Air

October 25, 2011 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

[EM Fiction]A chill in the air…

Posted on October 25, 2011 by EMFio

Asurti looked at the line of books in his small library the farmer let him keep at his home. He had been staying in the one farm houses near Britain while the farmer regained his strength after an apparent injury during the Piped Piper episode of his story nights.  The farmer’s wife, Jill, though didn’t seem very happy to have him here what with all the other incidents. But she allowed him to stay in the cottage for the moment.


Asurti thought about the stories he had told in the past few months. Yes, he had the gift of bringing them to life for people, but what was going wrong? Why was his brother involved? Asurti had traveled to Yew to visit his brother only to find an empty house. His brother, Itrusa, had been a bit bitter when their father chose Asurti to take on the generations old tradition of Story Weaving; bringing the stories to life for people.  But he had gone on with his life to become a fantastic tradesman. Itrusa could navigate the seas, trade with anyone he met and usually come out on top, but with a fair hand. He seemed to have gotten over the bitterness years ago. They were close to each other, keeping in contact, meeting for holidays, the like.

Asurti shook his head and returned to the present. He picked up a book of Ghost Stories and flipped through it, given the time of year it seemed appropriate. And yet, given the past events he wondered if that was wise. Still… couldn’t hurt to read a few himself and enjoy the season. Asurti sat back in his chair as he settled on a story. He began to read it to himself enjoying the twists and scares. As he finished he realized it wasn’t something he should read aloud. Since that’s what brings the stories to life was him reading and performing his spell weaving to the crowd. He closed the book and placed it back on the shelf and began to look for another. Yes, something with a bit less scares and perhaps something tamer would be more appropriate. Although he had thought the same thing about the Princess and the Frog and look what happened.

Asurti sighed and continued to look for an appropriate selection.


The head baker at the Mage’s Bread was busy finishing up the days chores when he thought he heard something outside. He ignored it for a moment thinking perhaps it was the wind. Then he heard it again… almost a moaning sound. He washed his hands and didn’t hear it again for a few moments then heard it again. Curious he stepped outside, but saw nothing unusual.  But heard it yet again.

“Curious”, he mumbled. He looked over towards the provisioners shop and saw the proprietor of the Scholar’s Goods stepped around the side of the building. The men exchanged greeting and asked if the other had heard anything unusual. Both sort of laughed as the noise seemed to be gone now and went back into their shops to finish the days works. Both unaware of something that seemed to be happening right under their noses.

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