Royal Guard Exercises – Field Medic 101

October 25, 2011 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

Royal Guard Exercises – Field Medic 101
Serpents Hold – Trammel
10/ 21/11 

Members of the Royal Guard mustered along the walled shores of thier compound in Serpent’s Hold this past Friday’s eve to forgo an exercise in conjunction with the Healers Guild of Britannia. The nights mission was to not only survive several scenarios thought up by Lt. Gwen Irina but reduce casualties to nil or very little in the attempt to complete the objectives. Those in attendance were informed that several feral species of beasts had been ferried in from distant lands to serve as opposition in the nights activities.



The group was led to the southern island of Serpent’s Hold. East of the bank the force got thier first taste of action besting an appearance of skeletal dragons and giant serpents en route to a bastion near the seaside. It was here the guard would make thier nights stand, a stand against several tides of diabolical creatures hellbent on our destruction.


Our mission here was simple. Keep the bastion under our control by not allowing our lines to be broken, allowing admittance to the bastion by the hordes washing up along the walls. Keep thy forces alive and casualties minimal and success would be ours.


Much is to be said of the valor and courage displayed as the group did an excellent job completing the quest tide after tide after tide. Skeletal Dragons, Dragons, Ancient Wyrms, and even a monstrous Crimson Dragon soon loomed over the group as they remained steadfast in the defense of the bastion. In the end the nights mission was a grand success as commendation was given to all who not only stood with the Guard in thier defense but aided in thier victory towards the nights conclusion.

Well Done Chessy!

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