Sea Dragon Meeting 10-3-11 6pm EST

October 01, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News


A new meeting has been called for by Armondo Pascal regarding the Mythical Sea Dragons.  Research on the now, as far as we know, full grown icy sea dragon will begin.  Please come to the Jhelom Tavern at 6pm EST on Monday Oct. 3.  The tavern, known as the Horse’s Head, can be found just west of the Jhelom moongate in Trammel. 

The creature is currently being held at Serpents Hold along with its parents and I encourage you to see the dragon for yourself as it is quite the spectacle. 

With the escaped pirate Mario on the loose and the missing scales reported by Armondo Pascal I would expect more danger and adventure to be coming shortly to this event.  Let us not forget the extreme challenge we faced not to long ago when we encountered the Bal’ Throns in the mountains near Minoc. 

Mystery still surrounds the evil mage we encountered that night, based on the writings in Irene’s journal we have identified him as Lord Mordraith.  Warriors, detectives, herders and all the players of Legends are invited to attend this meeting and I hope to see you there. 

With the maturity of the Fiery Sea Dragon Legends now has four adult mythical sea dragons.  All the dragons have been herder to Serpents Hold for futher observation.  Make your way to the docks on the eastern side of Serps Hold to catch a glimpse of these creatures and don’t forget to attend the meeting tonight, 10/3 @6pmEST.


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