The Truth Behind Common Role-Play Myths

October 02, 2011 By: Merci de Rue Category: Taverns & Tales

The Truth Behind Common Role-Play Myths


I do recall the first day I started playing; I was immediately thrown into role-play by some friends of mine. To say I felt scared and awkward is putting it mildly.  A few weeks in I was still rather silent and trying not to speak too much. I admit I felt overwhelmed, then again I was also learning how to play this Ultima Online at the same time.  Thinking back on this experience it made me remember all the things I worried about when I first started Role-playing. I realized that there may be many out there that worry just as I did and therefore don’t give it a try. So drawing from my own experience, but also wanting a good general view I asked for the knowledge and wisdom of other current Roleplayers from across the shards. Here is what I have heard from them and in meeting new people personally the most.

Top Role-Play Myths:

They all talk funny, saying Thee and Thou and stuff. I don’t want to speak that way, that’s not who I am.

So many people wrote into me about this one. First off I want to say, talking a particular way, such as Thee and Thou and Thy is not necessary. While some but not all, role-play groups have their own way of talking, thee or thou is up to the individual’s choice. I have never seen a requirement that says you must speak this way to join us. What I want those considering role-play to understand is that your character is your character, they do not have to have an accent, and they do not have to speak in any certain way. The only thing asked is that abbreviations aren’t used like LOL.

(-TY Family Guy for the line..)

If you Role-play, you have to be in character all the time, in game, or even out of game whenever you speak to other Role-players.

Not only is that not expected, but frankly, sounds a bit exhausting. How much and when you role-play depends on two things, When you want to, and when the guild or shard your on, typically does. Overall, Ultima is a game; there are certain game mechanics that require that when you go on a hunt you have to bring certain types of characters to fight with. This often leads to a group of hunting parties that are not role-playing,  just heading out to have fun. In Chats like ICQ, UO chat or on Forums we converse like I am right now. There are a few exceptions when a forum is marked Role-play only but it is easily identifiable.

I am afraid people will laugh at me or not take me seriously.

The Core of Role-play is being receptive and open to new ideas. If you are new and trying to learn then we want you here. I can’t promise you that there won’t be one jerk or person, who is judgmental, that’s life. (Let me know where he/she lives and I will hunt him down. Just teasing!) However I can promise you this, there’s a lot more people that want you here, who get excited that you have come, and that want you to stay. There are many out there who will teach and help you learn. Just be reasonable, take it slow and observe how others are around you.

Why I Recommend Giving Role-Play a Shot!

Friends. Through Role-play, I have made so many friends; some of them have become lifelong relationships. I have gotten to know so many great people. It is exciting to see what a group of creative and imaginative people can do together.

Reporters Log: I would like to thank the many people who contributed and gave me their opinions regarding these role-play myths. By no means can I cover them all, just some of the top ones, if you have anything to add please do!

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