Royal Guard Intercept Corrupted Caravan!

January 28, 2014 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

   The enlisted of The Royal Guard gathered for briefing inside thier command headquarters in the city of Serpents Hold this past weekend. Commander Gwen Irina set forth a mission for the evening to lay in wait in the player city of Silvervale in the hopes that intel recieved would prove noteworthy.

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  Intel suspected the nefarious Tyrius Zool, sought after for weeks would be moving dangerous explosive materials through the city en route to his secret hideout where it was thought he was amassing troops and supplies for more acts of treachery.

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   The Guard arrived at the crossroads in Silvervale and were instructed to take positions in and around the cities guardtower in wait for the unsuspecting villians to pass through in the hopes they would unknowingly lead the Guard to thier hideout. The plan worked well as the caravan led by Zool himself passed through the city.

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   Scouts watched intently awaiting the caravan to veer off to it’s possible destination. Northwest of the city the caravan at long last made it’s moved turning north just over the bridge and heading towards  Wrong. The Commander wisely figured out thier destination and ordered the attack to commence. A lengthy battle ensued as the suprise attack in the meadows leading to the famed dungeons entrance was both bloody and widespread.

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   As the plains were drenched in the blood of those good and evil the villianous Zool managed to escape capture retreating to the depths on Wrongs many corridors. The Guard lost the treacherous leader but had won the nights battle handily.

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  Commander Irina debriefed the troops topside along the aged crypts therein. Many came forth with suggestions of what Zool may be up to. Irina made cautious note of each and every possible scenario as she thanked the troops for thier efforts that night.

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   I’m sure we have not seen the last of Tyrius Zool nor his devious plans of destruction about the realm. One thing for certain when he does resurface, the Royal Guard will be waiting…

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