A Letter from Coco to Lady Lava

January 28, 2014 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News


A Letter from Coco to Lady Lava……

Over my many years as a Stratics Reporter for Great Lakes ( Catskills and Baja in the past ) I have received many letters, most pleasant and a few unpleasant.  In my mail box today was a letter from a polar bear ! This being my first note from a polar bear I wanted to share it with our readers. I have a feeling we will all be invited next winter to swim with the bears again.




Dear nice human lady,

Thank you for your article. I’ve never been in the newspaper before!

I’m so glad you and your friends visited Pepi and me and played in our
lake! I hate hibernating and having lots of new friends around helps
keep me awake through the winter. We really didn’t trick you. Ok, I
did know there were monsters under the water, but they’d been nibbling
at my toes for months and I was kind of hoping you all would kill
them. Which you did! I knew you could! Hooray!

I hope you’ll come swim with us again next winter, when the water is
cold enough.



P.S. You all might want to consider growing fur for next year. You’ll
be much warmer. Xoxoxoxo!

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