Brialla’s Annual Walk ~ A More Dangerous Adventure This Year

January 28, 2014 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Brialla of the Seven Tears was the first to chart the mysterious north lands of Britannia. Brialla set out from Yew, in her humble brown monk’s robe and bare feet, to push back the dark corners of the map. Her journals are rich with illustrations and detailed descriptions of the terrain, its plants and animals, and the nomads she met along the way. She even found the mineral deposits in the mountains by what would become Minoc.

Every year, in late January, the people of Britannia celebrate Brialla’s journey by donning monks’ robes and walking barefoot from Yew to Minoc. There, they toast to her memory in the tavern.

Meet Louisa Clark in front of Empath Abbey on Friday, January 31st, at 8 p.m. CST. This year, journeyers are asked to be armored and armed under their robes.

Of late, there have been mysterious mists upon the road. It is thought that the mist somehow attacks travelers, because several groups have been found dead, ripped to shreds while walking, sitting around a campfire, or huddled in a tent. The memorial journey will still go on, but with safety precautions. Journeyers will stop frequently along the way to rest and regroup. Participants are invited to tell their stories during these pauses. All are encouraged to tell whatever legends they’ve heard of Brialla’s journey or to describe their own adventures.


Your story may come to life, if it features monsters of these types:

  • Dragons
  • Demons
  • Fan Dancer
  • Liches
  • Maddening Horror
  • Minotaur

The best tales will be added to the Award Hall.

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