Royal Guard Exercises – Shame Dungeon

January 15, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News

                                             Royal Guard Exercises 
                                                    Shame Dungeon 

      The Royal Guard assembled on Saturdays eve in Serpent’s Hold to venture forth in to the wild. As the rank and file fell in, many healers from the player cities around the realm joined the nights force lending aid to the guard and looking to qualify for the recent healers guild quest currently ongoing in Sosaria. Commander Drake Foxx was angrily addressed his troop to fall in and ordering them to sound off as he approached each class.



      With Mages, Tamers, Warriors, and Archers all sounding off and prepared for battle the nights objective was made clear. We were to sweep and control the dungeon area in Shame and retrieve the neccessary “shame crystals” to summon and defeat the areas champion. With healers in tow the group set off to begin it’s mission….


     Rolling through the bowels of the dank dungeon, the group bested the hordes of diseased blood elementals, crazed mages, and vortexes of all varieties en route to accomplishing it’s objective. Crystals were collected and offered to Foxx as the group fought thier way to the levels altar summoning the recently dsicovered beast from it’s slumber. With the total team effort of the guard and it’s healing entourage the night was a grand success.

      It was made known that the area would soon undergo an upgrade by the next gathering. Barracks would soon be added. This was not without a stern reminder of the regiments makeup the Commander admonished those in the ranks for proper uniform while in action with the troop. He went on to describe the realms state as treacherous activities loom, the very fabric of what we know could be soon tested. Foxx advised us all to be at the ready….

     Ushering the healers out, the bounty of the night was split amongst the regiment as the night came to it’s end. Wonderful job by all those in attendance.

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