From The Sparrow’s Nest – January 15, 2012

January 15, 2012 By: Lady Laurel Category: The Sparrow's Nest

      After a good night’s rest at the local inn, I decided it was time to head out and continue my journey.

I didn’t get very far when I overheard a conversation that I thought was of particular interest. I love hunting and these two were discussing dungeons. Just the type of news I needed.

Proof reading UO patch notes.

— Jeff Skalski (@Jeff_Skalski) January 10, 2012

@Jeff_Skalski I am actually excited to try Wrong after last night.I am looking forward to more revampings!

— @Name RFP January 14, 2012

@Name RFP Happy to hear. Let me know which revamp you enjoy more. Wrong or Shame?

— Jeff Skalski (@Jeff_Skalski) January 14, 2012

@Jeff_Skalski Wrong is my favorite.Will there be more dungeons updated? Maybe some towns?

— @Name FRP January 15, 201

@Name RFP Yes, we plan to hit all the sin dungeons. Thinking every other publish.

— Jeff Skalski (@Jeff_Skalski) January 15, 2012

      I am excited to try out the new dungeons I was hearing about, and I think that my friends will be equally happy.

I can’t wait to find out what new and exciting things my adventures will bring.

Until then, happy hunting.

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