(Player Event) Evil Six!

October 28, 2011 By: Frarc Category: Drachenfels News

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Evil Six!
Round 2.

Anselm Pechan Invited us for another dice evening at the Zum Zechenden Troll Inn .

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It was time for another round of the dice game Evil Six.

The EVIL SIX rules are simple:

Three rounds are played.
The player is allowed to trow as often as he like the dices, until …
one of the two dice show a “SIX” , then
the player loses all previously accumulated points.
So you should think carefully whether we risk another throw.
You can keep trowing as much you want or pass when you feel a six is coming.

The “EVIL SIX” is from the second trow, You can trow a six in the first trow.

If the player trows with two dices together to roll a six,

for example a three and three so he gets six points credited and may roll on.

After everyone played there first round. All points you earned stay even if you trow a six in the second round.

It was a big success doe this second evil six evening for Anselm. Many more players came for the fun and games and maybe even more for the booze!

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Some players are real gamblers and keep trowing with the risk to loose all points.

And here are the results after the three rounds of playing Evil Six.

01. Place – Ari Delaney with…..57 Points.
02. Place – Ken Masters with….47 Points.
03. Place – Gath Farlin with…….45 Points.
04. Place– Roy Von Lender with…..30 Points.
05. Place – Horkan Bladebite with…26 Points
Gideonstar with……..26 Points.
06. Place – Nerenjali Ninim with….20 Points.
07. Place – Til Eulenspiegel with….18 Points.
Gandalf with……………18 Points.
08. Place – Lan Mandragoran with.. 16 Points.
09. Place – Clarie with………………10 Points.
10. Place – MJ The Bard with………0 Points.

Nicodemus had to leave after the first round so he stays with 32 Points.

Congratulations to the winner!

And i sure hope MJ is a better bard then a dice player!

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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