[EM Event]A Bump in the Night

October 28, 2011 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

[EM Event]A Bump in the Night

Taryn pulled her cloak around her a bit more tightly and shivered a bit as she took a deep breath of the crisp autumn air. She grinned as she thought of the hot apple cider most likely waiting at the Farmer’s Market. Maybe she’d pick up a few supplies for Rosemerry while she was at it. True, Donal’s list of items he wanted from Aegis’ Reagent Shop was impressive but surely she could fit in a few things extra.

Upon reaching town, Taryn’s first stop was the bank which also doubled as the Tinker’s Guild. For some reason Donal wanted some new knives and the cauldron he’d been using has had an unfortunate accident that resulted in the entire bottom being burned out. She still wasn’t quite sure how that happened but, knowing Donal as she did, Taryn decided it was probably better not to ask.

Nodding to the others gathered in the building, Taryn spied Karisa the Guildmistress near the back and headed that way. She briefly thought to herself that something seemed a bit strange compared to the usual bustle of activity and chatter but quickly dismissed it as she rummaged for the list of items she needed.

“Hi Karisa, seems Donal has need of yet more cauldrons and utensils. I swear I think the man eats them,” Taryn said smiling at Karisa and handing her the list.

Karisa’s hand was noticeably shaking as she took the list and looked it over. Her voice almost trembled as she said, “I think we can have this filled by tomorrow if we have the materials. I’ll…I’ll have to check.”

Taryn stopped Karisa as she made to turn to the shelves and looked at her with concern, noticing the dark circles under the other woman’s eyes for the first time, “Karisa, what’s wrong? Talk to me. The list can wait.”

Karisa looked uncertain for a moment but then it was as if the floodgates opened, as though she’d been waiting for someone to unburden herself to.

“Taryn, I think we are all going crazy. During the day, things are fine but as soon as the sun goes down there are all these sounds – horrible sounds – bumps, clangs, moans, screams. All night long this goes on. No one can sleep but when we look outside, there is nothing to be seen. A few days ago a weird field appeared and last night blood appeared on the black field. Spider webs are appearing all over town, trees are dying. Odd things but nothing that anyone can say is the cause of all this. No one can seem to find the cause of the strange sounds and each night they get worse.”

While this was certainly not what Taryn expected to hear, she found that her curiosity was peaked. She convinced Karisa to show her the strange field and proceeded to examine it. Something niggled in the back of Taryn’s mind as she looked at the strange glowing field covered in blood. But what she was thinking was only a legend. Surely not possible. What other explanation could there be though?

“Karisa, I have to talk to Donal, quickly. I’ll return as soon as I can. In the meantime, please, spread the word that everyone needs to stay indoors at night until I can get the information I need and reinforcements.” Taryn took one last look at the pulsing stasis field and hoped there would be time to do what needed to be done. She couldn’t help but wonder how in the world this had come to be. It was a myth, a story, right? Then how on earth was it standing here in front of her? She hurried to find Donal and prayed she was wrong.

Meet Taryn Sullivan at the Counselor’s Hall in West Britain, Trammel on Sunday, October 30th at 5 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Eastern to discuss a possible dire developing situation.

OOC – You will want to make sure to turn on the option to play music in the game to get the full effect of this event.

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