Additional Content of Publish 73 on Test Center

October 28, 2011 By: Watchertoo Category: General News

Additional Content of Publish 73 on Test Center

Kai Schober

28 Oct 2011 16:31:50 EST

Here are the promised additions to the Publish Notes of version 73.0:

Clean up Britiannia

  • Added 4 new pigments  – Polished Bronze, Glossy Blue, Black and Green and Deep Violet – 1 charge 250,000 points.  We will be changing this out each month so stock up while you can


Arenas Go Live

The arenas located throughout the lands will go live with this publish. The arenas are located in the Lost Lands (both facets), Haven, and Ocllo. The following additions and changes have been made after the public testing done on the arenas test shard:

  • Match hosts may now choose to allow or disallow Field Spells
  • Match hosts now choose to allow or disallow potions, or to allow only non-healing potions
  • A bug that caused some summoned creatures to attack their owner in an arena match has been fixed

Moving forward, we will continue to accept feedback and use it to  make further improvements to the arenas. In an future publish, look for the addition of a wagering system.

New High Resolution Terrian Art

As I am sure most of you have noticed the difference in the terrain in the Enhanced Client.  Just letting everyone know this is just the first of many more to come.  Next publish we will be updating the Wall tile art, I think everyone will really appreciate the new look.  Below are a few pictures of what is coming:



We are looking foward to getting your feedback! 

Your UO Team

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