Orc Horde Defeated. Evidence of Necromantic Experimentation Discovered in Eastern Delucia.

September 23, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Orc Horde Defeated. Evidence of Necromantic Experiment Discovered.

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Tonight a band of mercenaries infiltrated the Blackrock Mine in Eastern Delucia. There the fortune seekers – disguised as Orcs – discovered what appears to be the origin of the recent raids.

Set amongst the crags and abandoned shafts of Eastern Delucia stood a building. Simple. Unadorned. Designed with all the accoutrements one expects of an Orc Fort. But a little too perfect. Organized. New. And within we discovered the remains of experiments far too advanced for such savages: Blackrock Tools. Nightshade. Vials of Human Blood and Venom.

Before we could investigate further the missing Warbozz descended upon us. The struggle wasn’t long. And the losses to our side were …acceptable.

We continued to sift through the lab. One thing was clear. Whomever had been here left precious little for our investigators. Either this hooded stranger is cautious. Or she knew we were coming.

You can view screenshots of the event here.

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