[RP News] Dragons Assault the Sea Witch Tavern. Owner Recovering From Wounds.

September 23, 2011 By: WarderDragon Category: Baja News

Dragons Assault the Sea Witch Tavern in New Magincia

It would appear Circe – Owner of the Sea Witch Tavern and Resident of New Magincia – has survived yet another attempt on her life.

She awoke from her slumber last week to discover a pair of dragons being unleashed upon the common room of her establishment. The girl attempted to reach the door but was struck down inches from it. Had it not been for the brave act of a passing warrior – who heard the commotion within – she might have met the true death.

Circe is recovering from her wounds.

Dragons and Drakes have continued to be found at or near the Sea Witch. Appearing during the late hours of night. Britannian Imperialists are suspected to be behind this attempt on her life …as well as the previous assassination attempts during tavern hours. Those with information are encouraged to contact Valek of the Magincian Trading Co.

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