Mythical Sea Dragons II

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Submitted by a Guest Writer – name withheld.

Approximately four days after the first pirate interrogation and the containment of the mysterious Mythical Sea Dragons we’ve uncovered more valuable information and endured a lengthy battle. After securing the Sea Dragons on the SW side of Nujelm the community of Legends began to study and investigate these unknown creatures. The only significant info gathered appeared to be that the dragons seemed to be feeding on fish in their contained area. With nothing left to work with we turned our attention back to the captive pirates.

Armondo Pascal called for another public interrogation of the two captive pirates Mario and Markos. Much more of the pirates plan was revealed and it was discovered that one of the sea dragons was to be delivered by the pirate Irene to a location NW of Vesper. Armondo recalled slaying Irene which was confirmed by the admittance by the pirates that they were the only two remaining alive of the crew. The followers of Legends set off to investigate the area NW of vesper and we found ourselves in the location that Franchesco had sniffed out days before. The trail led us to a mountain path where a chase began and ended quickly in a cave. It appeared to be an Evil Mage but he disappeared into a hole in the cave before he was identified, shortly after a great battle ensued. Several different types of unknown Dragons began to spawn throughout the mountain pass. It is difficult to remember because of the heat of the battle but I recall around 5 Dragons all together. They all were in the Bal Thran family with at least four variations being encountered: Adolescent, Minion, Infant and regular Bal Thrans. The Bal Thran was the largest and most difficult to take down. The battle lasted several hours and in the end the beasts were slain. Their corpses turned up some scales although it is unclear if they were from the mythical sea dragons or off the Bal Thrans themselves. It has been reported that at least 3 Mythical Sea Dragon scales have been recovered but where when and how is unclear to me at this moment.

We then returned to the two captive pirates where we found a journal left by Marko outlining the pirate’s research and plans for the sea dragons. It was recorded that Markos was to gather the three remaining sea dragons, of which one he would give to Irene for the trade. The remaining two were to be taken to a place with plentiful food supply for safe keeping and breeding. The journal informed us that the sea dragons require two sea serpents a day to feed and stay healthy to spawn or breed. Also discovered was a journal left by Irene near the location of the battle with the Bal Thrans. This journal revealed the name of the evil mage as Lord Mordraith. Much is still unknown about the evil mage or the possible death or disappearance of Irene which Armondo seemed to think he had killed. What is known is that this mage has both great wealth and either great power and or influence over these Bal Thran Dragons. We also know that when we set out to see the sea dragons we came across an injured one that died, leaving only the two sea dragons. So if Irene is alive then she could have been responsible for the death of that first sea dragon we discovered, which could also mean that the meeting still took place between Irene and Mordraith.

We managed to herd two deep sea serpents to the mythical sea dragons but something unexpected occurred as we attempted to feed them. The serpents needed to be killed for the sea dragons to feed and the deep sea serpents appeared to have extra strength and required a lengthy battle before they were ready for the sea dragons to feast upon. There were sea dragon scales recovered from the corpses of the deep sea serpents. Possibly the close proximity of the serpents to the dragons was the cause for the boost in energy and strength but it is only a hypothesis. As of now we are attempting to keep the sea dragons fed waiting for a possible offspring as the pirates had foretold. Until then we will have to investigate with the clues we have which are the scales recovered and the information gathered on Lord Mordraith and Irene.



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