Feeding the Sea Dragons

September 14, 2011 By: petra Category: Legends News

Submitted by a Guest Writer – name withheld.

The commendable cast of ‘sea dragon herders’ has fallen into a steady routine of feeding the mythical beasts once per day. The sea dragons have been on a steady diet of both deep and regular sea serpents. About a week’s time has passed since the methods on feeding had been mastered by the folks of Legends. Little has changed since the feedings began. All the recovered scales from both the Mythical Sea Dragons and the Bal’ Thrans have been accounted for and are in safe hands.

This evening we had not fed the dragons due to some other activities and happenings. It was late in the evening when a few of the followers of Legends had gathered to feed the dragons that some odd occurrences began to take place.

It appears that Arius McNuge and I had been the only witnesses to the first of these two strange events. We had just finished slaying a regular sea serpent for the dragons to feast upon when an explosion of epic proportions, which appeared to have originated from one of the sea dragons, captured our attention. It was a massive explosion that made a big bang noise and spread several yards covering a large area. The explosion was bright blue in color, much like the color of the sea dragon’s scales. However, it did not seem to cause any harm to myself, Arius or the sea dragons.

I have seen two large explosions in the past that resemble this one. The color was quite similar to the cloud of debris given off from a successful cast of the Armageddon spell. The size and appearance of the blast was identical to the type of blast seen coming from the Bal’ Thran, only this one did not do any damage. We can only assume that the blast was a result of the feeding but it is unknown at this time.

At nearly the same time of the blast another occurrence took place. Luxon Artisan had discovered that Armondo Pascal’s dog Franchesco was on the loose again and wandering the town of Jhelom. Several of Legends finest had gathered to identify the pup and track him as we suspected he may lead us to another clue. Unfortunately he just continued to wonder about and was last seen inside the Jhelom Armory.

We suspect that these two events are related but are not for certain. For now we must continue to feed the dragons regularly in hopes that soon there will be a young Mythical Sea Dragon amongst us. It has also been advised that the citizens of Legends keep a close eye on Franchesco, as we know he can pick up a trail and point his nose and us towards more clues involving the Mythical Sea Dragons. I encourage all to investigate further and submit any data recorded to the EM mail box.

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