Mythical Sea Dragons

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Mythical Sea Dragons
Submitted by a Guest Writer – name withheld.

A second interrogation of the captive pirates led to the revealing of the creature known as the Mythical Sea Dragon. Believing the two occurrences to be linked, Armondo Pascal led a legion of Legends finest to the last known whereabouts of his missing dog Franchecsco. The pup managed to make it home safely but was definitely on to something. We picked up his trail on the docks of Vesper.

We set out to the sea to try to catch a glimpse of this so called ‘Mythical Sea Dragon’. Heading south from the Vesper docks we came upon a severely wounded creature we identified and confirmed as a Mythical Sea Dragon. The creature died from its wounds but shortly after two more of these creatures rose from the depths and made their presence known. As they moved towards Vesper we followed intently hoping to learn more.

The search party docked in Vesper and separated into a grand armada to seek out the dragons again. The task now at hand was to find, track and research these creatures. We managed to make contact with both sea dragons once again. One was located close to Vesper while the other seemed to be drifting towards Nujelm. Upon detection of each of the sea dragons, observation and testing began immediately to try to find out as much as possible about them. In physical appearance they looked very much like regular sea serpents except for the color. The creatures had vibrant bluish green scales. They also appeared to be completely harmless and have still shown no signs of aggression. It was difficult to say but they seemed to just be swimming adrift in any which direction. We tried several experiments on the serpents including an anatomic evaluation which failed to produce any useful evidence and decided the best thing was to put them together and keep them contained for long term observation and evaluation.

It took several hours to herd the sea dragons together and along the way we had to deal with some pesky serpents. One sea dragon required a long difficult effort to push him from the rivers of Vesper to the Island of Nujelm. There they were both secured into a small river inlet on the southwest side of the Island. They will be kept there for further studies. Many thanks are in order for the skillful boat captains that were able to maneuver the sea dragons into the mouth of the river and seal it off.

It has been told that these creatures bear magical scales of some great power but to what extent we do not know. There were many who were involved in the research thus far but there is still much to be discovered. If we wish to learn the valuable information of which the pirates have hinted then we need to muster the greatest minds and followers of Legends to step forward.

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