Lord British Visit Part 2

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As Minax disappeared, she casted a powerful spell of death. Most were unaware of what was to come.  The spell had summoned  Exodus as a powerful red Daemon.


death arrives


The citizens who had been standing close to the throne room’s carpet, scattered.  But it was in vain.  The daemon dealt death to all without regards to rank.

read demaon


Finding  healers who could resurrect them, the warriors, mages, and nobles began to organize a counter attack.   The first few attacks failed.  But the brave fighters didn’t give up.  I quietly went to see what was happening.  It would make a grand ballad.  Alas my place of safety was anything but.  I soon joined the ranks of ghosts.  Deciding to remain dead, I knew I would stay that way anyways, I was able to get close and watch the battle.  It was a grand battle indeed.  At long last the daemon was defeated.  To our surprise, Minax had not left, but had hidden so to observe and gloat at the deaths.   Unsurprised, King Blackthorn shouted at her, “YOU will not live if you stay much longer. we will slay you where you stand.”

“King you are protected here in your castle but the prophecy will be filled!!!! Minax scoffed, “I will have my day.  my followers are strong and loyal they will die for me.”

“Never.” King Blackthorn replied ,”Conquest is not strength!”

Minax began to weave another spell. “your guards are weak they die to my touch.  With that she snapped her fingers and guards began to join the ranks of ghost.

killing of the guards

“Weaklings,” Minax taunted and again disappeared.

Sighing in relief, King Blackthorn turned Lord British, “King Blackthorn: She is gone finally!”

“Wow!” Lord British exclaimed, ” Unexpected. A Dark omen indeed.”

Lord Dupre shook himself as if he was awaking form a dream ” Finally!”

Lord British looked at King Blackthorn, “I can see things remain ‘complex’ for Britannia.  I am sorry the lands have not been “easier” for you… King Blackthorn.”

Just then Heckles began to hiccup as he sipped from his flask.

Turning in anger, Lord British commanded  Heckles.  “Go get a glass of water!”

Not wanting to anger Lord British more, He bowed his head, “Yes m’lord.”

Lord British began to reminisce, ”  One of my first visit to a throne room like this…People got drunk, screamed profanity, and threw up on the floor of MY castle…

“Sounds like a party, Majesty.”  Bennu the guard said.

Lord British smiled, “Indeed?!”  Laughing he toasted us. ” Long Live Britannia!”

Heckles begrudgingly sipped from his cup of water as libations were passed around.

“Enjoy the libations!” King Blackthorn said raising his cup.

‘Tis more civil for Blackthorn… how strange!” pondered Lord British,  While this throne room is BEAUTIFUL, it could do with a few less CHAOS symbols!

Lord British began to address us, “Tis truly amazing to see this community survive and thrive for so very long. It is GRAND that you all remain keeping EVIL from entering these lands…”

King  Blackthorn nodded his head, “It is this citizenry that makes it last.”

Though, I can hardly imagine HOW with CHAOS as the “order” of the day…” commented Lord British, the began again reminded  King Blackthorn of events long past.  “Lord Blackthorn and I toured the land… When we went to Moonglow, we were ‘mooned’  It was a FINE evening, as I remember…”

“Do you remember our last stop?” Lord British asked the King? “It was in Trinsic, yes? Yes, that scum… he caught me off guard.”

Lord British became angry remembering that event, “He cast a fire field that KILLED ME!!!!  I have heard a rumor… A Rumor of RAINZ!”





Quietly Rainz had entered the room.  With a mischivious grim he began to cast a spell, “In Flam Grav.”




Bennu glared at Rainz, and shouted,”Traitor!”

Lord British winked, “It was glorious!”

“OH MY!” Heckles shouted slipping behind the guards.

King Blackthorn looked  to see what had scared Heckles,  ” Look its Minax!  She’s back.”

“How did this happen?!?!?” Lord British asked in surprise.

Guard Bennu drew his sword , jumping in front of the King, “Protect the Kings!”

Gotan the Guard joined Bennu, “My liege! Must we stand idly by whilst this slaughter occurs?!”

King Blackthorn shouted back to Gotan, ” NOOOOOOO!”

Minax stood laughing at all of them. ” I am so happy. Silly man,  you wanted a demon. I gave you one,  my baby”

Standing with the guard, Lord Dupre calmly stated, “Back for more I see”

“Minax, is this YOUR doing!” shouted Lord British.

” OF course!!” she yelled.

Gotan the Guard prepared for battle, shouting a challenge, ” Minax, ye shall pay for your crimes today!”  Sires, it has been an honor  to serve ye,

but surely we should not stand here idle? Lead us once more! Where too my liege?”

Lord British commanded, “Yes, tis a good time to fight FOR VIRTUE!”

Heckles screamed and looked for a place to hid  “SHE’S SO SCARY!!”

Ignoring the guards Minax smiled at Heckles, “You have done well, want to come work for me.”

Heckles thought for just a second, “AHHHH…Never! The wine here is too good….*hic*

Minax laughted,  “You mean its free. You are a leech.”

“Welllllll….Yes.” he shrugged.

hire jeckles



Lord British glared at Minax, ” Evil Wretch! Do not seduce our people! It seems to serve you for the SHORT term, but lasting power is GIVEN not taken.”

Minax, shrugged, “Oh maybe in the days of the past.  You have not been around.  You do not know the days of these”

“There will NEVER come a day when EVIL such as YOURS will rule!” Lord British said with determination.

“We will see. ” Minax replied, “That throne might be mine soon!!”

” Indeed we will! YOUR foul offspring has FAILED!is dead… again.” Lord British shouted.

“NOOOOO,” she cried, “Yes but the taste of the dead is sweet,” she gloated looking at the dead.  Blackthorn, your throne room is full of bodies and bones!”

King Blackthorn cried “You are most foul!”

” It gives you something useful to do while I rule Fel,” she replied with a wink.

Lord British noticed Heckles ” Where have you been hiding!?!?!?

“Ermm, The wine cellar?”*hic* he asked.

“No Doubt! ” replied Lord British.

“We will rebuild.  We must stand against Minax.” King Blackthorn declared.

“Blackthorn… foul deeds this night.” Lord British stated. “I wish you well in your rebuilding!”

“Indeed,” replied King Blackthorn thoughtfully, “I wish our land was at peace,  But tis never to be.”

Hopefully Lord British suggested, “Perhaps if you would join the path of virtue?!?! It would go better.”

King Blackthorn sneered, ” Oh of course you would use this as an excuse to espouse your rhetoric.  How predictable.”

“Truth is no Rhetoric, as it ever was  ! ” Lord British,responded firmly. ” NEVER was.”  Lord British suddenly shouted, “I AGREE! RAINZ”

Rainz burst into flames.

Gotan the Guard watched.  “Justice grinds slow but it burns exceedingly fine, well done my Lord”



dark side



“MINAX, you have done MY bidding!!” Lord British yelled, “MINAX, you killed RAINZ for ME!” Then he smiled at her, “Revenge is best served by others on your behalf!”

I looked at Lord British in shock as did the rest of the company.  What has happened to him, surely he wasn’t working with Minax.  No she must have cast a spell on him. King Blackthorn was as disturbed as we were.

Looking at him with distrust, “Methinks we have had enough of your trouble.”

Shaking his head to clear it, Lord British asked the King in confusion. “Why do you speak this way… lost soul of a brother?”

for whom

“Minax came because of your presence.” he answered angrily,  “Enough of this foolishness! Minax did not come for me… she lives in YOUR lands!”  He stopped to compose himself.  “My court has become a shambles,  A mockery”

Looking around, Lord British nodded his head, “Indeed it has! Allow me and the good people to help make it right…”

That caught Heckles attention, “I hope I don’t have to clean all this up…I mean…We’ve got wenches for that right?…”

Heckles took another drink from his flask wiping his mouth on Lord Dupre’s cloak.  Dupre looked at Heckles in disgust and moved away.

King Blackthorn continued to confront Lord British. “Tis your fault British, Remember you would have had these worlds disappear

Wistfully, Lord British spoke to his old friend, “We can speak of virtue while we work together…”

Looking at him, King Blackthorn seem to come to a decision, “Perhaps you are not to blame British. But still I cannot trust thee.” he stopped to think, “Methinks you desire these lands again?  Is that why you are back?”

Shaking his head no, Lord British replied, “Perhaps YOUR ways, are not to be refuted, Nor I you…” he paused, “But it seems we BOTH agree… MINAX MUST GO!”

“In at least that much we agree.” King Blackthorn replied.

Bennu the guard, pledged, ” Our swords are yours my Kings, always,”

Just then the Ghost of Rainz appeared, somehow we could all hear his words. “I’m a Death Shroud of the Avatar!”

the death shourd


Lord British asked the ghost, “RAINZ! What say thee?”

” I’m a Death Shroud of the Avatar!”

Confused, Lord British asked him, “Is it DEATH that thou wisheth? It can be served!”

“No, sir.” was the ghost’s reply.

“Do you wish atonement?” Lord British asked.

The ghost said a single word, “Yup.”

” Very well then… IF the KING will have you live… What say thee Blackthorn?”

“Rainz can live.” King Blackthorn confirming Lord British words. ” He has more than paid for his crimes.”  King Blackthorn added, “and he embraces Chaos after all.  So I can hardly fault him.”

“So says the King!” Lord British proclaimed, ”  I see… Rainz, we should speak of the path of Virtue some day…”

Heckles raised his flask in a toast. “Huzzah! Blackthorn the merciful!”  *hic*



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