Lord British Visit Part 1

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At my weekly meeting, King Blackthorn gave me the surprising news.  Lord British had recently visited him and called for a meeting of all citizens of Sosarian.  The King requested that I attend to record the events.  I  immediately went out to find an new outfit, after all a girl needs to look her best when meeting the most important personage of the lands.

lord British

The throne room was filled with exited citizens.  Warriors, mages, nobles, and common citizens were all represented.  As I wandered around  people shouting at old friends to whispers of why Lord British was visiting us now.  Though I knew, the King had sworn me to silence.  It was hard not to tell my friends the reasons for the visit.  Lord British had returned to celebrate the 17th year of his arrival in the lands.  He also had heard rumors of the troubles we faced since he left.

gathering 2

 As the excitement grew, I noticed a group clothed in Blue Robes. I couldn’t help but wonder who they were.  Could they be a new cult?  Perhaps  a form of guards, organized to assist us in our troubles.  No matter, the room had  grown  silent.  It was if a silent message has passed from mind to mind.  All eyes were focused on the royal carpet.  At first unnoticed, Heckles had arrived proceeding both Lord British and King Blackthorn.

lord brits jester

We didn’t have to wait long before they arrived.  Both seem pleased with the number of citizens who had come as the room filled with cheers or welcome.  Some pledging their undying loyalty to them.  Greeting us, King Blackthorn then presented Lord British,”Welcome your former lord everyone.”  The cheers grew even louder.

arrival of the king

a welcome back


Looking around Lord British and the King began talking as old friends catching up.  “Welcome back old friend and enemy,” King Blackthorn said, clapping Lord British on the shoulder.  Looking around at the Throne room Lord British replied, ” My lord, what a nice throne room you have built! ‘Tis a wonderous site to behold!”





Looking wistfully at the gathering, Lord British sighed. “Too long have I wandered outside of Britannia!

“I would say I missed you but perhaps that would be an virtuous lie.” laughingly King Blackthorn said.

Not sure if the King spoke in jest, Lord British, ignored the comment and addressed us. “It is a GREAT honor to be back…Even IF somehow… Blackthorn has risen to power…”

“Where hast thou been?” King Blackthorn asked.

Shaking his head Lord British didn’t answer the question, “Blackthorn my dear friend….Do you still follow the ways of CHAOS, as it would appear?”

Smiling, the King answered him,  “Yes but I do rule with a bit of chaos, which the subjects seem to enjoy.”

“As long as all are happy and the people look happy!” Lord British said nodding at us.  He looked again that the throne room, troubled by the symbols of chaos.



new deco

“How fairs the land?” Lord British asked of our King.   Before King Blacktorn could answer, the room suddenly filled with a foul smelling smoke,  announcing the arrival of Minax.  I shivered remembering the last time we had dealings with her.  She looked at the gathering with distain.  Then focusing on Lord British and the King, she began to taunt them.


Minax shouted, “OH Please!!!”

Hiccupping, Heckles gasped at her arrival. Quickly moving behind the Lord Dupre.

Caught of guard by her arrival, King Blackthorn, shouted her name.  “Minax!!!!”


mixa arrives

Puzzled, Lord British turned to King Blackthorn and demanded to know who this woman was.   Quickly King Blackthorn informed him of the trouble and deaths  she had a caused in our lands

Looking angrily at Lord British, Minax  said,  “I can not listen to this any longer.  What are you doing here!  Who invited YOU of all people back to my lands!”

Lord British shouted at her. “Outrageous! who are you to question my return!”

Fearing the King’s and Lord Blackthorns safety, the Royal guard, Willow,  shouted.  Guards! Guard the King!   But they stood as if frozen.

Looking at her and King Blackthorn, Lord British raged, “Chaos… NOW EVIL!”

King Blackthorn stepped closer to Minax  speaking in a low but angry voice. ” How dare you?”

“Oh shut up!   I dare me.” Minax replied.

“Be gone foul woman!” Lord British demanded.  “There is no room for YOU in Britannia!”

“Oh but there is,” Minax taunted.  “Pfft you have no power here any longer.   You are not even king,”

“But I am,” King Blackthorn replied,  ” And I say be gone!”

Minax said with a sly wink “There is lots of room in the in Fel.”

“King is but a title. MY people are still here!” shouted Lord British.

Lord Dupre took a stand between the King and Lord British.    He saw with shock that a mage with standing next to Minax.   It was Anon, once a loyal citizen to the crown.




Lord Dupre: said, looking at him in contempt, “Anon, you worthless slopsucker.   I see that Minax still pulls at thy strings. How could you betray our cause?”

Lord Anon, ” Indeed…” and he moved to stand beside Minax.

Shaking her head, Minax  laughed. “Dupre you are a simple peon”

Still hiding behind the others, Heckles popped open another  a flask, ” This is getting good…”

Lord British drawing his sword, shouted at her. “Woman, you have been destroyed before… and will be again!”

Minax  laughed, ” You think you can hurt me.  You are nothing.” her look including Dupre.

King Blackthorn, “What treachery!”

“Dupre is the finest of men!” Lord British shouted.

“Stay,” Minax commanded Lord Dupre. “Like the dog you are.”

Heckles gasped taking another sip of his ale.

Angrily ,Lord British replied, “How dare you come here? Why do you come?”


  arument 1

Minax asked the king, “Why don’t you feed your dog better Blackthorn he might be faster.”

“Your impertinence knows no bounds,” King Blacthorn replied.

“We thank you,” Minax said laughing again at the King.

Puzzled, Lord British asked Lord Durpe.  ” Who is this ‘Anon’?”

“My lover,  Sweet isn’t he,” Minax looking at Anon.

Looking at King Blackthorn, Lord Anon told him,  ” Lady Minax has shown a light upon you revealing the true traitor that you are.”

Lord British shouted at the her, “Your “toy” will not help you!”

“It is as if a veil has been lifted and I *NOW* see you for who you truly are….” Anon continued.

Lord British asked “What???”

” And what is that?” King Blackthorn looking carefully at Anon.

” Weak…” Anon said.

Heckles *hic*,  “Didn’t see that coming…”

Hearing Heckles, Lord British turned to him “Heckles… are you drunk?”

“Obvie,” Heckles slurring his words.

Shaking his head, King Blackthorn looked at Heckles “Always.”

Heckles: *hic*

Minax threw another bottle to Heckles, “Drink another boy, all you are good for”

“Wow!” Heckles said grabbing the bottle.

Turning back to Minax, Lord British demanded of her, ” Foul lady… what brings you back from… well…THE DEAD?   If it is revenge you seek, you will not find it!”

Puzzled King Blackthorn asked, ” Anon how can you do this?”

“I am *THE MOST* powerful wizard in the lands….” Anon shouted. “You have taken credit for my deeds far too long…”

Minax stated determinedly, ” I am going to rule Felucca. Already I have Shadow Lords and Com. Soon I will have it all.”

” Never!” replied King Blackthorn.

Minax glared at him,  “It will be mine!”

Lord British, ” Anon, what kind of pretender art thou?”

Lord Anon laughed,  “Pretender? Ha!”

“I am every bit a king as British ever was. I am no pretender.” King Blackthorn said with pride.

Interrupting, Minax continued,  “Of course I want POWER.”

“Power, is EARNED, not taken as you do!”  Lord British said.

“Ha,” Minax laughed,   Oh I take it often.”

“We will stop you!” challenged King Blackthorn

Still laughing Minax responded, “With what, you? but you would no  know.”

Having heard enough, Lord British turned to  “King Blackthorn, what say thee? How do you let them live standing in your court?”

King Blackthorn turned to Dupre, “Dupre we must stop them.”

“That statue????” Minax chuckled. ” No chance, Not tonight.”

King Blackthorn looed closely at Durpre. “He is frozen?!? What evil spell?”

Lord Anon petted Dupre, while Minax answered the King,”Oh something I just learned recently”

“Good boy,” Anon said still petting Durpre.

“I have gotten many drunk on the power of Vice and the battles. They going my way just as I have planned.”  with that Minax disappeared.

But not before she left us a gift.





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