Lady Mesanna and Queen Zhah Attend Promotions

January 09, 2012 By: Lady Lava Category: Great Lakes News

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Lady Messana in her strange black and whiteness and Queen Zhah in her golden glory attended the New Assisant Royal Spy Masters promotions this past tuesday evening and what an evening it was.  Magnus Grey and Sarah Paumera needless to say were in attendence also as were many onlookers.

The crowd was so large we were swept away by a teal moongate to a beautiful location. A location that the Queen granted the Royal Spys to use when they see fit. One can never have enough secret locations for a rendezvous especially in the spy business. Though the stage was very dramatic and grand, I noticed( myself included ) some people got stuck once upon the platform. I myself had a rather hard time hearing ( reading ) what was going on stage. Not a good thing for a reporter.

It was a night to celebrate indeed. Ariakas, Sir Joe, Ixtab, Shumer and Rascal all were promoted to New Assistant Royal Spy Master.  This group meets every tuesday evening at 8pm CST and are always looking for more to join them. To find out more please check out the EM Great Lakes boards.

On the subjuct of all things EM, later this month is the annual walk honoring Brialla of the Seven Tears. I attended this last year and had a jolly time. Saturday January 28th is the day and time is 8pm CST.  I hope to see you there this year. My datebook has a large tear drop drawn on that day so I do not forget.


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