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Elesil had left a message to come all together in the throne room to reclaim the last part of Lord Blackthorns armor.

Many where waiting for her but we got surprised of someone’s return!!

Professor Grimm seemed to be fully recovered from the murder attempt on his life by the Dark Angel.

The cure had work and the professor was back on his feet to help us to get the final part of Lord Blackthorns armor.

Grimm thanked first all the visitors and the presents that came to his sickbed.

He explained that Elesil would not join us this evening that she had other tasks to do and that these dwarfs that been mentioned where more his domain of expertise.

Grimm Explained that dwarfs where a common sight in their heydays.

But that they where where a gold greedy creature and that the different tribes started struggling for mining rights.

And that the race basically self extinguished in the course of these wars.

Grimm was able to locate the tribe that Lord Blackthorn tasked to mine the rare metals.

The chronics identifying their location in the vicinity of the Minoc mines.

Then the professor opened a gate so we could search for the entrance of the dwarf mine.

With so many people it took not very long to discover a strange door in one of the mines.

A magical sealed door.

But the professor had the knowledge to open the passage to the secret dwarf mine.

When we arrived we had to deal with some ore elementals first.

Then some dwarfs came from all sides.

The where not happy with us invading there precious mine!

And even we outnumbered these dwarfs it looked a lot we could barely scratch them!

Many people fell in this battle and it look like we would not be able to win this fight.

Even when all the mages casted many Energy Vortexes these dwarfs looked unbeatable.

Maybe something in these mines made them invulnerable for our weapons and spells.

Professor Grimm had a idea to take this fight to another place.

Maybe then we would have a chance against them.

He opened a gate to a different place, we all went trough the gate and these crazy little dwarfs followed us trough it.

The mines influence of the dwarfs was gone and finally we started to get the upper-hand!

It was still a long and hard battle against them.

For a ancient race they had a lot of fighting spirit.

The there King joined the fight and he had some wicked powers to fight against us!

We are used to fight long and hard battles but the dwarfs and the King where eventually defeated.

After checking the Kings corpse professor Grimm found the last part of Lord Blackthorns armor.

Grimm thanked us all for our help for all the battles we went trough to get all the items back from Blackthorns armor.

We all went back home after a long evening.

Special thanks go to all the Hero’s of Drachenfels who helped to return all pieces of the stolen armor.

And for all who want ,they can see the complete set in his full glory in the EM Museum.

New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.

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