Tokunese Festivities Turn Deadly!

January 10, 2012 By: Morpheus Category: Chesapeake News


Tokunese Festivities Turn Deadly!
Zento City Limits


    What began as a feast at the invitation of Empress Arikiko turned deadly last evening as tragic events transpired in Zento. The nights events commenced with a grand meal of miso soup and bento and ended with those in attendance stunned as a lone assassin attempted to take the very life of the Empress herself. Seemingly well guarded and accompanied by her entourage the Empress greeted well wishers and offered blessing to all who stepped forward. Her yearly address to follow, the Empress finished her courting of the crowd and rose to address them as elegant music began to play, thats when all hell broke loose……



    In the blink of an eye (no pun intended), the gracious affair went south as the Empress’s Handmaiden  Sayuri, playing her flute showed her true colors producing a makeshift poison dart stabbing the Empress in the jugular. Stunned, her Royal Guard Sayuki moved to her defense. Spinning out of thier would be captors grasp the assassin also struck the escort in terrible fashion.  Blood and garbled rants filled the area as shouts to subdue the assassin and aid the injured rang out…..



    Poisoned and near death the Empress lay clinging to life as her Royal Guard soon fell. Removing thier mangled helmet, and pleading with the onlookers, Captain Irina, now missing an eye,  beckoned those attempting to heal the Empress to employ a potion that lay nearby to save her life as magic and normal lifesaving methods were proving unsuccessful. Her disguise now given up, she managed to still shout to attempt to capture the assassin.







    Fast and furiously the attendees gave chase to the ninja like assassin before they slipped into the night. Returning to aid the injured, Irina now back on her feet, ordered the crowd to aid the Empress to her quarters at the cities Inn. Weary and almost delirious from the attack, Empress Arikiko quickly turned in to rest and let the potion that saved her very life take further effect. Irina soon followed. Still steadying herself and holding the bandage over her injured eye, she began to put the peices of the evenings attack together.






    Gathering facts and eyewitness reports in the lobby of the inn, Irina managed to gather the assassin was indeed a female, brunette, and excellently skilled in the arts of music and weaponry. Speculation was abound as the origins of the assassin’s attack have yet to be discovered. Irina authorized everyone if they were to find the identity of the assailant or even worse be confronted by her themselves, to use whatever means neccessary to end her treacherous existance.


    As the Empress and Irina both lay on the mend, one thing is for certain, those behind this heinous attack of cowardice will be hunted to the far reaches of every corner in the lands. Be on the lookout for unsavory activity and watch thy back citizens……




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