King’s Council meeting, 29th September

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The King’s Council got off to a good, and peaceful, start yesterday, with seven of the nine governors in attendance. Only Hugibear of Britain and Victim of Vesper were absent due to commitments elsewhere, although Captain Sureno deputized for the former. Among the ordinary citizens present at the meeting were Becca, Bishor, Dann the leper, Flair, Goldie Pawn, Grenuille, Hattori Hanzo, Jackhammer, Live Firestone, Rue Tor, Sam, Tia and Wegandi.

In his initial address, King Blackthorn welcomed the new governors and reminded them that their purpose was to help promote the towns of Britannia and find ways to increase activity within them. He also urged the governors to nurture the individual characteristics of their towns, “Each town is unique in its own way and I encourage you to build upon this uniqueness.”

The priority in all towns for this term, he announced, would be the construction of a governor’s office, and each was asked to contribute materials for the project: 5000 boards, 250 sand, 100 granite and 100 ingots. In regard to other possible town improvements, Blackthorn stressed that his architects were currently severely overworked and that whilst all requests would be considered, no guarantees could be made on their enactment.

The king then called for each governor in turn to make a statement, the important parts of which are presented here:

Salinger of Jhelom
“Jhelom is without a trade deal at present. The town treasury is sparse. The natives here are demanding forty-five berries in exchange for a deal. First to deliver the berries can choose the trade deal, otherwise it will remain without I am afraid. The resources of the town have been taken. The pens are no longer safe. We cannot afford the guards. This has led to a most unfortunate takeover or take back. That is all I can share at this time.”

Morgan Ironfist of New Magincia
“Magincia is still running the Assassins trade deal and the streets have been safe. [the deal] will be upheld throughout my term and the current week was sponsored by Baby Doll of I4NI. Business in imbuing ingredients is up and so we are able to maintain the deal. I thank the king for the option to construct an office. We will surely bring the necessary resources quickly. I would like to see towns be able to sell from vendors which would route the money right to the city treasury. Item donations could then be made which could be sold at those vendors.

King Blackthorn doubted how feasible the idea of item donations for a town vendor would be, but promised to discuss it with his engineers and the Merchant’s Guild.

Ladra of Minoc
“We, the people of Minoc, are grateful for the opportunity to get an office. But, we do have more pressing matters to attend to! The city is pretty poor and the shop keepers are having trouble shifting their goods because we are getting far too few visitors. We would like to request the building of a new moongate close to the bank. The gate we have is too far out in the woods, so people forget about Minoc. But we will try our best to gather the few coins we have and put them to the building of an office if that is what the king wants.”

In response, King Blackthorn pointed out that most moongates were far from towns and that the knowledge of permanent moongate construction was lost with Nystul the magician. However, he promised to speak on the matter with the Council of Mages in Moonglow.

Captain Sureno, speaking for Hugibear of Britain
“I am here to speak for Lord Hugi. He could not attend but would like to inform all the citizens of Britain that he is pleased and would like more suggestions on the trade deal. We pirates have no preferences on which one. As far as questions about the city in general, I cannot speak for Lord Hugi.”

Kelmo of Trinsic
“I represent the proud city of Trinsic. I wear the colours of my city. This city is falling apart. Cracks in the walls, a damn volcano starting up in there. There is an unwanted dungeon. It is hot there, too. But, the one thing I ask is a crafters centre near the docks. I wish for a soul forge. It is in the guard zone and crafters could gather there. Oh, and a bank there too. It could be a crafters pavilion with just a little work. This is all I ask for now.”

In response, Blackthorn asserted that the town already has two banks and that adding a third may cause riots in the capital if it was seen as favouritism. But he promised to bring the matter before his engineers and architects and added that he did not think the soulforge would be a great problem.

Hoffs of Skara Brae
“I represent the interests of the town of Skara Brae, and its larger neighbour, the city-state of Gilfane. I aim to serve the peoples of both communities, and work to bring them still further together. As governor, I am committed to maintaining the trade deal with the Bardic Collegium for the benefit of all those who dwell in the area. As for the governor’s office, Gilfane Citadel has proven perfectly adequate for this purpose in the last few months, and I would rather the king’s architect looked into the state of six dangerous buildings on the borders of Skara.”

Blackthorn’s response was that the office might be needed by future governors, but said that he would request that the buildings in question be investigated.

Samantha of Yew
“The deal with the Guild of Arcane Arts has expired, but will be renewed within twenty-four hours thanks to generous donations from the city’s residents, especially AJ and Becca. As money permits, we will continue to deal with the Guild of Arcane Arts. The city is in good shape, though some shepherds have complained of their sheep being slaughtered. Other than the governor’s office, I have no requests at this time, and look forward to continuing to serve the fair citizens of Yew.”

York of Moonglow
Governor York’s arrival at the meeting was delayed, and he had sent a courier with a report from the city. Lord Blackthorn announced that the report contained a petition to lower the fees required by the trade guilds for their deals and a request for a trash can. Other governors endorsed the request for lower costs.

In other business and announcements, King Blackthorn asked Captain Sureno when entries closed for his guild’s limerick contest. Sureno said that it was on Tuesday, October 22nd. And Lady Hoffs was informed that the Master Architect had approved the design for the Gilfane town banner and that construction would begin soon.

Finally, the King asked if there was any other business that anyone would like to raise. New Siege resident Grenuille asked if any of the towns would be hosting harvest festivities in the coming month. Governor York responded by saying that he was planning a few events for around a fortnight from now, and that he would like to hear any suggestions that anyone has.

And so the Council adjourned after what was generally agreed had been a productive meeting. Any citizens who wish to help with their town’s office project can make donations of the resources to the city heralds at the bank.

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