Events Pick Up for Napa

September 28, 2013 By: kirthag Category: Napa Valley News

The Spirit of Sosaria begins to stir once more on the Shard of Napa Valley as citizens and leadership alike start to wake up from an apathetic slumber. The first part of the shard’s motto, “Come for the Roleplay…” seems to be drawing souls from the mists, luring them into a the sleepy shard with activities sponsored not only by the gods, but by the citizens themselves. It also helps that the new EM is working with the population to help encourage activity. Although the governing seats are not all full, interest is growing in the shard’s politics, which in turn will help with activity.


Napa Governors meet with King Blackthorn

Napa Governors meet with King Blackthorn


Governor’s Meeting with the King

The King announced that offices can be built for the governors if certain supplies are made ready. When suggestions about using existing buildings within the cities were made, the King stated the locations for these offices were already selected, and without the materials, the offices would not be built.

Reports from the Governors were mainly about the status of their cities, some events that are being organized, and the desire for some select activity. Of note:

  • Yew requested the walls around the commerce area be completed, which the King found to be of interest
  • Yew further requested docks, but when asked if it was really necessary, no argument could be brought forward and the King wants the results of a poll that is currently running asking about the implementation of such
  • Yew also asked for a Community & Historical Center to be established in the old Counselor’s Hall, which the King expressed great interest in. More information on this as it becomes available.
  • Skara Brae thanked the King and the realm for protection during the last Minotaur invasion
  • Skara Brae also mentioned a followup event in Felucca which includes the Barracoon and a summoning of a shard wide Harrower. All governors were asked to relay the news to the shard’s citizens
  • Trinsic reported a loss of population, which was echoed by several to be a shard wide concern
  • Trinsic further hinted at wanting protection against the possibility of the dreaded Lich Lord, Juo’Nar, returning; of which the King found to be a distasteful subject stating the realm has much danger in the near future and just the thought of that dreaded lich was not something to entertain
  • Trinsic then relayed that the cost for implementing trade agreements with the trade guilds is a bit steep for the shard’s active population and asked for the fees (currently 2mil for 1 standard week) be lowered. The governor of Jhelom suggested 5mil for a standard month would be a good fee. The King will consider it and speak to the trade guild representatives, but makes no promises that it will be changed.
  • New Magincia’s governor reported that there are issues at the docks of Serpent’s Hold that prevents ships from docking properly.
  • New Magincia also requested some way to alert the general population, or at least certain individuals, of new, young adventurers entering the shard so that those who wish to provide services and/or welcome the newcomers will be alerted. The King mentioned he doesn’t believe such a thing is possible.
  • J’helom requests a trash can on every corner of the city – the King finds that comical, but will look into getting a trash can at the bank
  • J’helom further requested that the trees from the gate to the city proper be removed, and a park be created, the King said that is not possible
  • J’helom then announced a Pugilist Tournament to be held at 6pm shard time (pacific) on Sunday (today) in honor the Lady Seona’s passing (the previous and short-lived Governor of J’helom). A purse of 5mil gold will go to the winner
  • Yew then announced the Iron Sword Joust to be held on Saturday, October 5th at 7pm shard time (pacific). A purse of 5mil will go to the winner.







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