For The Attention Of The King – Trinsic Ward Response.

November 25, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News

Eric, Commander of the Trinsic Ward, raised his arms towards the ceiling of the armory and stretched the lethargy from his muscles. He had been sitting in contemplation of the news given to him by wardens Maki and Galathan earlier that morning. The governor of Trinsic had been arrested. Their sworn duty to protect him had been over-ruled by the, almost crazed words of the King.

The governor had specified they should not defy the orders of the crown.

However the oaths taken by every soldier under his command, to protect the governor, transcended these things, if only in the minds of his men.

It was a tricky situation, and he had come to his decision.

“Shinigami!” he called to the warden stationed outside the door.

“Sir?” A man stepped into the room, he stood with a relaxed tilt and wore a mischievous grin.

“Have the second battalion gear up and assemble at the west gate by night fall. We ride for Castle Blackthorn at dawn.”

“A sneak attack…Sir?” Shinigami’s grin expanded with delight.

“A talk, warden. I am forced to turn my hand to diplomacy.”

Shinigami stood looking at his commander for a moment. “Why am I not overcome with relief?”

Eric sighed. “Go about your orders warden.”

“Yes Sir.”

After a while Eric went to the sandstone window of his office and surveyed the troops moving in the grounds below. Just a mere six months ago these fields were all but empty. Now they overflowed with soldiers, all trained and equipped by the finest masters in the land. An army raised for the defense of Sosaria.

Why must foolish politicians insist on testing its loyalties so?

Do they think this all a game?


The Commander of the Trinsic Ward is on route to Blackthorn Castle and seeks an audience with either the King or a representative with the authority to speak on the matter of Governor Lew’s imprisonment. He and his troops come in peace, and wish to speak to ensure continued alliance between the lands capital, and the stronghold of Trinsic.

He will arrive on the morning of the 26th and will wait in the city for a response from the crown for four days.

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