Calling all citizens of Trinsic

November 25, 2013 By: Flair Category: Atlantic News


King Blackthorn has imprisoned our loyal governor Lew in the Yew prisons while the murderer Solus was set free. It is an outrage I tell you!!! I was there and witnessed it all. After he reinstated Solus to governor of Britian, he then took our beloved governor and imprisoned him for the Halloween festivities. The festivities that went on for our benefit even though our Wardens were busy turning back an invasion. Our Governor saw to it that we were both safe and that our planned festivities went on without a hitch that night. He took care of us and now I say we take care of him. I am requesting ALL citizens of Trinsic protest the wrongful imprisonment of our beloved Governor Lew by bring your torches and pitchforks to Castle Blackthorn tonight, November 25th at 830pm EST. Even if you are not Trinsic citzen and believe Lord Lew was wrongfully imprisoned please come out tonight to support us and making a statement to the King that we will not support this injustice!!!

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