[News] State of the Realm Address, November 16, 2013

November 24, 2013 By: Wildstar Category: Baja News

King Blackthorn’s Speech:


Tonight I have asked you to gather here for a State of the Realm address.  As you all know, The Eight Virtue cities and Vesper have been viscously attacked.  Attacked by invaders put upon us by Minax.  She has used powerful magic to create the lighthouses that bring her evil minions into our cities.  I have traveled city to city and watched as you all have bravely fought off these invaders!  Let it be known that your bravery and determination to keeping our cities safe for the traveler’s and shopkeepers is not without grateful thanks.  Without you, our cities would fall into ruin, the shopkeepers put out of business, no travels safe inside the city limits.  Simply life as we know it would cease to exist. *opens arms wide and fans them over the crowd* Without you, we would fall into despair, which is what the Enchantress wishes.  So I say to you citizens, continue to fight bravely!  Continue to heed the calls of the criers alerting you to the cities under attack and in need of help!  Cast aside your differences!  We are all brethren here against this formidable foe!  Do Not let Minax control you minds with greed and distain for each other!  This would be playing into the hands of her evil ways!  It does not matter how well you cast your spells, weld your weapon, or command your pets…  Everyone is needed!  Even if have not trained your skills fully, do not think you will not be able to help!  Everyone has a purpose and all must be given to keep the Enchantress from fulfilling her tirade!  We all must band together, work as one unit, to keep the invaders pushed back.  Yes, we have powerful mages working for us.  I have contacted Anon of Moonglow, Felucca to aide us, yet your help is desperately needed to keep the invaders at bay.  Now my friends, once again I thank you for what you do.  Continue to be vigilant, help each other in the time of need for the cities and let us make sure that the Enchantress Minax does not claim Victory over us!  Go now, knowing that your dedication is not without notice, your Friends, your Citizens and your King thanks you.  We shall Not let the Enchantress hold Victory!  Our realm is stronger than any magic she can conjour!  No one shall put us out of our lands.  You all have fought bravely toe to toe with the invading forces destroying the lighthouses, gathering her artifacts.  I say to you do not despair of each other..Work as one.  Vesper is under attack as we stand here.  I urge you to gather your forces and GO DEFEND VESPER!  FOR VESPER!!!  Tonight I wanted to give my thanks to you for what you done.  Now we must not tarry!  Vesper is in need!  Minax must not gain that ground!  For Britannia!  For the People!  Go Citizens!  Defend your rights!  To Vesper!


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