[Fiction] Highway to Hell

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From the depths of the darkest dungeon a huge howl escaped from the ghostly form of the long undead being which was once known as Mericles. If it had possessed hands it would have smashed them down on the huge stone table in front of it.

It was undead but it was powerful and it had been waiting a long time to find its daughter. It had spied glimpses of her as she had meddled with her abilities as a medium. Hannah had not seen him as he had lurked in the background during her trips into the place between life and death. The place where ghosts dwelled. Whether it was by luck or design she had eluded him and he had waited knowing that at some point her emotions would give her away.

The enormous outburst of emotion known as love and happiness had alerted him to her presence and her plans. There was no way she could hide this from him…

Half deranged with madness and anger as his humanity slipped from him he finalised the spell which would allow him to open the Black Gates from the Void and allow the abominations which dwelled therein to feast upon the citizens of Sosaria.

Soon the spell would be finished and he would have his revenge on the cities of Trammel.

Mericles smiled a monstrous smile grinning from ear to ear as his ghostly form changed into a more substantial one as his desire for revenge fuelled his metamorphosis. The gaping maw of the deamon known as Mericles gaped with row upon row of razor sharp teeth. Mericles flexed his powerful muscles and laughed and smashed the stone table into a thousand fragments.

“Soon”, he said aloud, “Soon my children shall flee from the Void and feast…”
Mericles stomped away, the earth shaking beneath his cloven hooves.

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