Mythical Sea Dragons III

September 21, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

            Armondo Pascal had reached his limits with Mario, the one remaining captive pirate.  His interrogations had failed to produce any information so he was left with no choice but to turn the pirate over to the thieves and scoundrels of Legends. 

Once the mob of Legend’s mischievous bottom feeders surrounded the pirate he began to demand goods in exchange for information.  The thieves had no trouble acquiring what Mario had requested, though their methods of acquiring were certainly unlawful. 

Once Mario was satisfied he informed the mob of a journal he prepared before his capture and the mob scattered in an attempt to retrieve the journal.  This led them to the northern shores of Yew where the journal was recovered.  Discovered within the readings of the journal was yet more information on the pirate’s plans and ideas towards the sea dragons.  Mario wrote of two locations both of which seemed to have some mysterious power.  One which emits icy energy and the other a fire energy.  The power was described as having the abilities to enhanced the speed at which infant sea dragons would grow.  Mario’s plans were to attempt to spawn and grow an infant at each location.  Some other important information was that the infants were to be fed leviathan meals once per day and the adults would get there regular servings or serpents, kraken and dolphins.  Once the news spread the followers of Legends set off to find these locations.  After a lengthy search by several ships and crew both locations were discovered.  The fire spot was found south of Haven almost in between Fire Island and Serpents Hold.  While the icy location was north east of the sacrifice shrine and south west of the snowy island where the honesty shrine can be found. 

Since the disappearance of the adolescent sea dragon one can only imagine that it’s in the best interest of the players of Legends to deliver the adult sea dragons to the two locations for breeding.  Hopefully by the time this article hits the dragons will already be on there way.  For those who haven’t had a hand in herding the dragons now is the time to step forward.  Be sure to visit the camp north of Yew along the shore to read Mario’s journal.  Ask your neighbors and friends about the latest information on the sea dragons.  I hope to provide coordinates of the two locations ASAP.  Good luck to those who are noble enough to press forward in this ever evolving event.

I rushed the article last night so I’d like to include some more information this morning. First, it appears as Mario may have used the supplies the mob brought him to escape as he is no longer chained up. It is unclear what may have happened to him at this time, any information on his whereabouts would be helpful.


The coordinates of the two locations are as follows. The fire is roughly at 172 10 S/161 22 E and the icy at 124 16N/169 18E. It appears that some folks have safely herded the  adult dragons to the icy location and spawned a infant! Keep up the good work.

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