Every Tuesday Night @7:30pm ET – Community Crafting

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Every Tuesday Night @7:30pm ET – Community Crafting
Crafters Hall, The City of Kijustsu Anei Village

The Community Crafters Hall is located right next to the Homare-Jima Moongate on the Tokuno Islands. Repair vendors can be found on the steps selling Repair Deeds for 4 gold each

Hey New or Returning players, stop by the Community Crafting Night! You can get some starting tools and items, meet members of the community, find out more about various guilds and alliances on the shard and make new friends! Get caught up on the changes to the game and ask any troubling questions, the people here will gladly help out and answer all ! So come on down, say hello to everyone and have a good time.

The Chesapeake Crafters Society opens its Community Hall every Tuesday night at 7:30pm ET to whenever they pass out from exhaustion. You can also find crafters at the hall during random days and times throughout the week. The Crafters Society and others will provide the following at no charge, so feel free to ask for any assistance.

Offered Services

*Free Enhancements
*Free Imbuing
*Free Unraveling
*Free Furniture
*Free Training
*Free Repairs
*Free Golems
*Helpful Q&A Sessions

During the event Community Crafting Village Patrol Guards will be on duty to protect you from any harm. We hope you enjoy yourselves and see you at the Hall on not just Tuesday nights but whenever you come to visit.



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