Sea Dragon Madness!

October 04, 2011 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

There was a good turn out at the meeting as warriors from all throughout Legends gathered at the pub.  Before the observations were to begin Armondo Pascal had some brief instructions for those who had gathered.  Armondo asked for everyone to quickly collect piles of snow and cream pies.  His theory was that the snow was to be used as some means of protection from the fiery dragon and the cream pies would be used to help feed the icey dragon.  After this discussion everyone headed to the dragons at Serpents Hold.

Shortly after the arrival the madness began.  It was very difficult to record the sequence of actions that took place but not to long after the players arrived some very dangerous spawns began to wreak havoc.  Enter the Mutant Sea Dragons!

These creatures came in large numbers, hit very hard with both magic and physical attacks, and had a very large amount of hit points making them difficult to kill. 

Many of the players attacks were rendered useless as mages couldn’t cast in the town and warriors couldn’t stay alive long enough to get many strikes off as the beasts easily disposed of any in their proximity.  It was discovered that the cream pies and snow piles could be thrown at the mutants to cause some damage but again this was a risky task as one needed to be very close to cause harm with this attack.  It became very apparent that this would be a long battle that would require many if the players of Legends were to be successful.  There was no where to hide from the mutants as they covered both land and sea, could teleport from space to space, and even invaded those who attempted to attack from ships.

The mutants would leave behind a violent discharge as their life began to drop, this was similar to clouds seen from both the mythical sea dragons and the Bal Throns earlier in the event.  Throughout the madness the two fiery and icey sea dragons also began to attack players or the players began to attack them.  It was quite a scene as the fiery dragon jumped from the water and took the fight to land.

Despite several pleas from the sea dragon herders the mass of players killed the two young sea dragons.

After several hours of battle the mutants were finally destroyed.  It was difficult for many of the players to grasp a sense of achievement as the two young sea dragons were killed in the confusion.  Few, if any, of the questions surrounding the sea dragons were answered and several more mysteries have now arose.  It would be wise to report any and all information gathered to the Communication Center in Britain next to the EM Hall.  As the followers of Legends begin to sort out these recent happenings I suggest that everyone keep their eyes and ears open for any usefull facts or information.  Perhaps Armondo Pascal can help us understand what has taken place and where to go from here.


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